I am here now🥰

“Hey, how is your blog? I’d like to read it” – is the reason I am here now. I’ve written before in my many journals and my socials. I guess to call myself a blogger is an elevation. (Me to me: pats myself on the back… “I am proud of you Tikia”)

While overthinking what this moment should be about, I remember I was on to something a couple of years ago so I go digging; “the miracle is not the life you missed, it’s the life you got.” A quote from the movie THE SHUNNING. Beautiful Katie Lapp always felt something was missing in her small Amish existence….(end of review)

For the longest, I always felt something was missing, wondering hopelessly what I was about, asking questions like, “what am I here for?” And to be honest I am still wondering about not hopelessly though 😁. I have HOPE and that is important.

Moments came and I imagined “What if I was adopted and my actual parents are millionaires looking for there long lost daughter” “What if my parents loved each other like Cynthia and Hudson maybe I would make better decisions as an adult, I don’t remember mum and dad having a conversation that ended with them, ugly laughing…”

Year’s have gone by and each day I realise, indeed the miracle is in the life I got. God does not make mistakes. And if am not dead, then he is not done. He gives us a choice between life and death. And since I am still around with all the bad choices I have made there is a grace I did not toil for. I may have lingered about, but am still on the path of life. I could also choose to wallow on “But why me” and allow it to define me, but I chose the high road and held on to the hope that all things will work out for my good, to smile at the storm with Jesus in my heart.

On that big note. I will be delving deep into my storms and a couple of borrowed moments from my close acquaintances in the short story format or just plain raw as they come. I have asked myself if it’s worth it to share without coming off as needy, proud or whatever people think of us that have public journals and I concluded, if it changes someone else’s perspective on life even if it’s one life, then it’s worth it. The Shepherd did leave the 99 for 1 and my good Lord Jesus did say persecution is part of the package.

So cheers to sharing moments from memories. Till the next blog post. Be expectant. I love you!!😘

12 thoughts on “I am here now🥰

  1. “If it changes someone else’s perspective on life even if it’s one life, then it’s worth it”.

    This right here👆 is why we tell our stories. It is why every story matters. 💯

    Oh, like you, I used to wish my real billionaire-in-dollars parents will show up some day to reclaim me. Especially when my parents annoy me 😂🤣.

    Welcome to the blogging community, Tikia. Feel free to holla at me for your first collaboration or guest post. ♥️✨

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    1. I appreciate the love 💖 But you will first have to teach me what guest posting and collaboration are about. I thought that was for music only 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’ll be in your dm about this.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh. My. Goodness.

        I’m sorry but I’m laughing my behind off right now 😂😂🤭.

        I’ll be waiting for your DM all right 😁

        Liked by 1 person

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