My heart

It’s about 2:25am EAT and i just got done balling my eyes out watching a movie on you tube “Until forever”. Whoever started the trend of killing protagonists,I want to thank you for the opportunity to clean my eyes, but most importantly I always get the chance to release all the emotional baggage I be carrying around. As a woman I can’t be mopping around carrying my emotions on my sleeves, I have to be strong to overcome. All this crying tonight. I feel good. Another piece added to my broken heart.

You may wonder, “why is her heart broken?”

Just recently I was scrolling through my timeline on Twitter and a lady posts something about absentee Fathers, since am totally emotional right now let’s call them sperm donors.. That even feels like a nice expression, anyway am not here to hate, am moving on from looking for a stint to dub these absentee men that we’re very active in the baby-making dance. So back to the point that captured my attention is a comment from one man child he said, “if a woman can choose whether or not the child lives then he can as well decide if he wants to be in the child’s life or not” and I will end my rant at that. Let’s go back to the pieces of my heart.

So it’s almost two years since He told me he was not ready. A piece of my heart still missing. It’s been a journey. A glorious one I must add. The way God created a woman still intrigues me up to this moment. The load of responsibility we hold alone!! I conclude Without a woman there is no multiplication.

The moment I realised I was going to be a mother my heart sunk. I was not ready at all, I didn’t have a steady job, hadn’t even figured out what I was about and there I was with a positive pregnancy test and when I run to the place I thought my heart was safe, he told me “I am not ready”. I died.

My mother. She said to me “this road your going on is not easy , you have to be strong” and this woman stood by me every step of the way. Because of her another piece of my heart was put in place. (Mama your the MVP)

At about 4months into carrying the pregnancy, all hope was lost I was laying in my bed crying, in this moment I now realise those tears were my prayer to God , the one who holds my heart, everything changed after that night. I received that strength. The one that makes a girl a woman. I handed over my load to Jesus and he picked up all my broken and missing pieces. He has been fixing me since then.

A woman’s heart is delicate, it deserves to be treated with tenderness.

A woman’s heart is strong, it can overcome anything.

Happy Women’s day!

6 thoughts on “My heart

  1. Oh dear! 🤗🤗🤗🤗
    Thank you for finding and accepting the strength to be strong (that sounds like bad English, but you sure get my point. Right? 🤭)
    Happy Women’s Day, Queen! ♥️✨

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