Fighting Desire

He was her first kiss.
Not literally, but yes!
He was.
Always has been a GENTLEMAN(with her body)
The way he wants her
Makes her want him,
More than he wants her!

The kiss
the first one(or not)
She run
They met 4years after.
And he wanted her, still.
She  wanted him too,
But she belonged to another.

She  found a greater Love
Not human,
He loves purity
And she was and  still is pursuing that.

But her lover,
not really her lover.
He gives her impure thoughts!
And now she is confused
Or is she just mortal?

Help, Lord! She cries out.

The End

The poem is in honor of 👆👆👆

I know am a little late to the party. But the gods of poetry attacked me and I decided to shoot my shot. Plus I’ve always wanted to try this word play. Let me know what you think in the comments🤞

4 thoughts on “Fighting Desire

  1. Nice one. Depicts first love and the struggles of a day to day Christian fighting the fight of being pure in love. More so with your first love

    Liked by 2 people

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