The Heart of God

Dear stranger,
I am sorry the church hurt you,
I am sorry your genuine question was dismissed with “because the Bible says so”
I am sorry the church abandoned you in your time of vulnerability.
I am sorry the church acted so unlike her Saviour.

With love.

The Church

Falling pregnant was never on my agenda given that I was building a Christ ambassador status but clearly my flesh did not care that I am saved, and it did not respect my spiritual identity either. I will still occasionally get horny and look for that guy’s number on speed dial ( speaking from experience you may want to delete that number like yesterday) because unfortunately, you can’t pray away sexual feelings. All we can do is set boundaries, run, or take a cold shower(works all the time). Yielding to the finished work of the cross is a better way but will talk more about this another time.

So I was pregnant and also an active church member involved in the dance ministry. By default I was accountable to the church, I could just run but what am I without Jesus? absolutely nothing! And also with all the ugly experiences of those in various churches, I was naturally disheartened. I didn’t really know what to expect.

My story with the church is beautiful.

The Church of GOD stood by me to a point that I would be away from the church and be feeling like a sinner and once I enter the building, just the presence alone would take away all the pain, guilt, hurt that would pile up during the week, and for that matter, I attended Church every Sunday until my body wouldn’t let me move around. It wasn’t just the building but even the people. My medical expenses were covered by Gods heart manifesting through his church(the people). I remember holding my breath when I told my Apostle, and the reception I got was beyond my expectations, among other things he told me to enjoy my season, this man went ahead to take me to lunch and delve deeper into how I was feeling(my state of mind) given that I was in a single mother situation. Every Sunday if we crossed paths he would throw in a word of encouragement, and so if this isn’t a man of God expressing the heart of God. I don’t know what is. My soul was won all over again, I didn’t have to pick up my pieces alone, I didn’t have to become a stranger. Like the prodigal child in the Bible, my father embraced me. I saw the heart of God in the church.

I happened to be at the man of God’s residence this week and I asked if I could quote him on what he thinks on premarital pregnancy. He said;

 "If it happens we can't take it back, we don't encourage this but by the time it happens then the person needs help and not condemnation,it was a mistake but the baby is not"
Apostle Anthony Wonder Muhumuza (The Man of God)

Now if that aunty of Jesus is pregnant, but she is not married; before the fault-finding, criticism, slander, gossip and judgment, do we ever wonder why she got her self in that place? Do we sometimes consider maybe she is perhaps alone and because of that she found herself in the arms of a man who said everything she needed to hear and panned out with the consequence of a temporary fix? or that absentee father, do we consider that maybe he never had an example of what a father should be like and for that matter doesn’t know better.

Dear Reader,  there is always far more than the eyes can see, things hidden so deep the beholder is unconscious of. Don’t condemn.


I have so much on how good the church is, however, this doesn’t take away the fact that the flaws occur, I think it’s Kenneth E Hagin that said “if you think the church is perfect then the moment you enter, it seizes to be” and that brings me to this point, if you walked away from God because the Church hurt you, your faith was never in God, it was in people.

I shared this so that the narrative on how the church handles “sin” changes. This is one good story am sure there are lots more. And if not then let’s be the difference.

Join me again next week as I feature another single mum’s story, we re-live the callous comments… some people just don’t know when to shut it.🤦‍♀️ and most times don’t even realize it when they are being offensive. Till next time. Be kind, show love, stay humble.✌

(also share, comment, like, follow And Feedback gives me tingles in my heart 🙃) bye-bye!

15 thoughts on “The Heart of God

  1. I love this. So beautiful. I thank God for times like this when the church is the beautiful place that it should be. Most of all,I thank God for His amazing love. Imagine how much He loves us just from a glimpse of the people that show it!!

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  2. Lovely piece indeed.
    A real consolation for all who have been hurt unconsciously by the church.
    Let’s all try to be kind to everyone we meet irrespective of their circumstances.
    Thank you for this.

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  3. Am I so glad we have a good church story here 👊👊👊

    Am also blessed to have witnessed the Church I go to help out in such moments …

    It’s beautiful to see church rise to its place.

    Am glad you found solace and comfort in God.

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  4. I love this piece!!! You have spelt out everything I keep on saying when someone gets pregnant in the church. I thank God for your church and I pray we as God’s children will learn to walk with people during their darkest hours.
    God bless you and more Grace

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  5. “if you walked away from God because the Church hurt you, your faith was never in God, it was in people….” Great piece i thank God for ur church 💪

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  6. ” there is always far more than the eyes can see, things hidden so deep the beholder is unconscious of. Don’t condemn.”

    This is beautiful Grace.

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