The Words in it are life😇

It has always been a desire to read through the entire Bible but after so many failed attempts, I gave up. However, in my pursuit of God, I have come to realise it is important to know God for yourself especially now that there is a lot of false doctrine in the world. And what better way than to study his love letter to us.

I googled study plans and came across a schedule to finish the entire Bible in 90 Days and I thought it would be a good idea to make a challenge out of it, in that way someone would hold me accountable and I would not get off course like with my so many attempts , but no one was willing to go with me and so I journeyed alone.

Firstly, it took me 105days 😁 because wow. Just wow.

I laughed when Elijah had no chills taunting the prophets of Baal when they were on a showdown of who is great saying; “You’ll have to shout louder,” he scoffed, “for surely he is a god! Perhaps he is daydreaming or is relieving himself. Or maybe he is away on a trip, or is asleep and needs to be wakened!”

I cried with Hannah , I danced with David,

Dancing David from Pinterest.

I yawned and slept off through the prophets, got mad at the kings, cheated through numbers and Leviticus because ,why lord are we counting the rebellious Israelites 🤷‍♀️ and then I thought the new testament would be a breeze because I had done it before. But the Bible is the Bible it is sweet and bitter.

Did you know?
Ezekiel was commanded by God to bake bread using his poop but he argued with God and God was like "kale (okay) you can use cow dung" I think that was the birth of biogas🙃(Ezekiel 4:ff)
Another interesting thing, that Sunday school song of who built the ark, Noah Noah, Father Noah built the ark
"and then came the animals two by two" turns out two by two was for the unclean animals. The clean animals came through in sevens. And seven represents completeness. (Genesis 7: 2-3)
The ark of Moses. (From

April 11th 2021 I finally concluded my pilgrimage.

And if I was to summarise the Bible in one sentence I would say

The Words in it are LIFE

Faith has nothing to do with our feelings, convictions or impressions, but only with God’s word and what he promised in Scripture. And so even though I slept right in the middle of some pages from experience I think it’s better to sleep in the presence of God than not be in it at all.

Hearing and listening are two different things. The Bible says faith comes by hearing (not listening) to the word of God. And therefore sometimes understanding comes later. Once you read your spirit will pick it up. You may not remember but whenever you need it the word comes back to you like Deja Vu.

Did I experience Life in this word? Oh yes, I did 🙃. first of all before you do anything spiritual it is important to have a reason why you are doing that thing. I decided to read the entire Bible because I wanted to hear God better and also master constant presence. It worked, I feel and on days when I don’t feel I confidently know that his presence is with me constantly.

Another thing I picked up on this path is,If there is anyone that is able of building back better, it’s the body of Christ.
It’s not about
Why bad things happen to good people, it’s
What do good people do when bad things happen? Because
Bad things happened to Jesus too.
The crisis is and will always be a testimony that the Lord has overcome.

Wow, there is so much I want to share but I may never finish this “review”.

I will conclude by saying, consistency attracts grace. And there is more to God than you and I think. Don’t limit him.

I also plan to do this over and over again because it gets deeper and “read your Bible, pray every day if you want to grow”.

Be kind, be humble, spread love

Okay bye. 😇

Photo credit: Michelle Pettigrew

28 thoughts on “The Words in it are life😇

  1. Hey! I envy you big time with this discipline to complete the Bible and the spiritual experience you had. Now, I would like to know if your dreams changed when you delved deep into the word. In fact, I salute you. You have encouraged me to also study the word.

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    1. Very much on dream changes. I got encounters that opened me up to my calling and even how to do it. The word really is powerful. Plus with a past of inconsistency this was also a challenge to practise discipline. And really it’s God that gives the grace. The devil will fight. But yawn and keep reading, sleep off and wake up and start right were you left off. You will be amazed


  2. When you do it again take me with you, I need an accountability partner. I have so many failed attempts, I need a successful one.

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  3. I get that feeling… The bible is a world of it’s own, each time i engage myself in especially when i want to find something that i cant feel in this world, i enter to a certain peace that hides my pain.

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  4. I like the part when Elijah was commanded to bake cake using his poop and he was compromising….many times God tells us to do things but because in our eyes they are impossible we limit God…

    Have learnt not to limit God and to have faith as it’s by hearing the word of God
    Thanks alot ma’am

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  5. As an adult I have made several attempts to read the entire Bible but have failed. While growing up I did it though I didn’t understand a whole lot of it. Reading your review now has motivate me a great deal.
    Truth be told the word of God is life and yes, it is new everyday.

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    1. Each time is a refreshment for the soul. Sometimes it’s like listening to music in a foreign language. The rhythm and beats captivate your mind. You don’t remain the same. It’s almost the same with the Bible. The words alone without comprehension have power and when you add understanding you become unstoppable.


  6. The Bible is indeed a beautiful place to dwell, a great man once said you can fall all you want but rather fall in God.

    I was challenged never to skip the texts after sitting through teachings from them and realise oh they matter….

    Thanks for sharing 👌👌👌

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