Understanding opportunity Part 1

Today on Monday 4 Devotion am Featuring what will be a three part series on understanding opportunity by Prophet kayondo Ezekiel, a friend, a mentor a Prophet.

Prophet Kayondo Ezekiel

Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith.
Galatians 6:10

As a minister of the Lord Jesus Christ in this Gospel, you must understand the Law of opportunity.

Years ago I met a man of God called Pastor Tom Okello when I could hardly read the bible and preach a sermon, this man of God gave me his own bible and his own Christian books, and his own room and his own time and he told me to make good use of what He had given me freely.

When he went out to preach to altars and pray for families and to do door to door, He went with me, and gave me an opportunity, even if it was to share simply my testimony of God’s healing upon my life, some times he would introduce me as a man of God yet I hardly felt qualified knowledge wise nor  character wise or experience wise, but He gave me those 2 minutes, He gave me those 20 minutes, he gave me that hour or more, He gave me OPPORTUNITY.

The man of God had every right not to offer those invites to me, he could have given it to another, he could have stayed with it because it was his anyway, but He offered to create opportunity.

Only when I grew did I understand what He really was doing, that He saw that I had a calling of God on my life though I was struggling in many areas of life and only OPPORTUNITY would solve every puzzle. I lacked opportunity!

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But I rejoiced in the Lord greatly that now at last your care for me has flourished again; though you surely did care, BUT YOU LACKED OPPORTUNITY.
Philippians 4:10

One of the dangerous mistakes young people do in our days in ministry is being indifferent to opportunities created for them and given to them, and I discovered some of the reasons why through my very own experiences and mistakes in life.

The greatest enemy to making use of opportunity is the I CAN DO IT ON MY OWN MENTALITY.

This all through the Bible cost men with great destinies relevance in their days.  
When God anoints you as a minister, you need to know that you need opportunity for the anointing to increase, there are opportunities you create for yourself and also those God creates for you through other people. However the test of your maturity is not in the opportunities you create for yourself but in the opportunities God gives you through other people. 


How you treat what has been given to you by another person determines whether you are really grown or still yet to grow.

The true image of our faithfulness is not in how we treat what is ours but what belongs to others.

If you’re a crook in small things, you’ll be a crook in big things. If you’re not honest in small jobs, who will put you in charge of the store?
Luke 16:11-12

Today we have many  ministers that trample on opportunities given to them because they can create their own, but that is shortsightedness and it is a very long route to take in ministry and spiritual growth.

When you go alone, who on earth will hold you accountable, when you fall, who will raise you up?

I sent you to reap that for which you have not labored; others have labored, and you have entered into their labors.”
John 4:38


Even our Lord Jesus did not prefer the Self sufficient long route for his disciples, he did not let them reap what they themselves had sown in their own strength but that they should harvest where they did not plant. Others had already done the work, and all they had to do is harvest.

One day the Lord taught me this lesson, that if you will rise in this Gospel, do not scorn at any opportunity given to you by another man because that is where the true test is and the greater reward is!

Dear steward, your faithfulness is not tested when you are dealing with your own things but when you are dealing with another person’s things.

Some opportunities go and come back, others can never come back, remember Esau and lot’s wife.

Elijah was in Elisha’s generation only once, Elisha was in Gehazi’s generation only once! Only those who treasured the opportunities in those days entered into the labours of such men, they are usually FEW, sadly!

Daniel Kolenda carried an umbrella and a bible for Reinhard bonkee wherever He went, He ministered to Him with every chance He got to the last day, and now He has the mantle, He is shaking nations today, Reinhard Bonkee is still alive in another man who seized opportunity when it knocked!

There are men that are foundation builders and king makers, and in order for you to have a firm wall you have got to enter into such men’s labours! Understand this wisdom!

The day you feel too anointed not to receive from another man, know that you have failed the test of OPPORTUNITY and disqualified your own self from her reward!

You can never enter the labours of an anointing you scorn after, an anointing you despise can never bless you, an anointing you cannot serve can never bless you!

If we deny that God uses men to lift men, we prove ourselves to be liars, because the Bible itself is written by Inspired men!

If you ever get an opportunity to share in any man’s labours alive in ministry, never despise it, never look at what you can do for yourself, look at what that opportunity can do! And seize it quickly, if you lack opportunity, humbly and prayerfully reach out to people with opportunity and learn to be planted in such places till God makes you there.

It takes believing in others to share with them your opportunity but It takes humility and wisdom to seize opportunity offered by another.

*I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favor to men of skill; but time and chance happen to them all.*
Ecclesiastes 9:11

Next week Monday we shall be building more on this.

Till then,

Be kind , Be humble, spread love.

9 thoughts on “Understanding opportunity Part 1

  1. True words indeed.
    Time and Chance, 2 important things in existence.
    May we not lose any opportunity that would help us fulfill our purpose.
    Thanks for this, dear Tikia.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for sharing Joella.
    This has reminded of Zechariah 4:10 that says “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin”. It’s in those small opportunities that God seeks to build and and make us better servants.
    Joel Osteen never thought that at anyone point he would take on his Father’s ministry. He began by ensuring his Dad was broadcasted on TV as leader of the church media team. When his father went to be with the Lord. Its then that the Lord called him to continue the good work his Dad had began just like Joshua stepped up to continue the good work Moses had began of leading the Israelites to the promised land. Not forgetting Timothy was mentored by Paul into Ministry

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