Daddy Fatigue

Here wondering how to start this blog today, 🤔

Hello Beautiful

Or welcome back dear reader🤣🤣

Dear reader sounds very far fetched

Just know I appreciate you making an effort to come by here and read my thoughts. Means a lot to me. I love you

I will get straight to the point.last week I posted on Mummy fatigue and got curious about how dads feel and so I asked one of my dad friends what fatigue was like for him and I can’t stop laughing at the account he gave me , for this matter I won’t even edit anything out.

Meet Dave Our Feature Dad.

A family portrait of Dave, his wife Diana and there beautiful children.😍

Dave is a Writer, Social Critic and Relationship Counsellor…he also has a chicken outlet in Bweyogerere (in Uganda) ran by the wife, Diana. (He is working on a blog) but you can find him on his Facebook.

This bed is not my own. It looks like ever since the new member gained admission into our crib, the other two have since divorced their beds. The bigger one will wade through the dark and latch onto my side claiming night for the little princess, diva that she is..i will hear a Nankulu(senior lady figure in the community) sermon in the tender part of 4 o'clock..Daddy…. Come!"..the mere exercise of retrieving her from her castle into our humble tent will succeed in borrowing all my sleep. The biggest will then proceed to have his legs wander as he sleeps so u could easily bite a foot for your troubles…princess Sophia will not present a challenge except her favorite part to sleep-as royalty demands-is on my chest. I have tried other immigration tactics like sleeping in the boy's crib and leaving them to their devices but that only makes me wake with a body groaning like I just ran a marathon. 
Oh well-sleep is over rated and yes-i need a bigger bed🤕.

Yes post partum fatigue(PPF) is real for Dads too. PPF will adversely affect both Parents’ quality of life. (I clearly did not make enough research for this one🤣🤣🙃 and so I am struggling) To the dads that stick around your the real MVP’s. The world is a better place with you in it.


Because I have close to nothing to say, I found the Daddy’s a pro dad.(i hope dads visit this place to? Let me know in the comments) Enjoy the confessions of a tired dad

Source : pexels

April is over today and I am very excited for May, I will be pausing my single mum tales and beginning a series on identity. something I have struggled a lot with. Amazing people will be featured on different aspects of identity like the imposter syndrome, firstborn syndrome and many other things I hope to find on this journey. ( I had a photoshoot for this one I don’t know why yet but yes I took pictures🤣🤣🤣 which are loading soon) so see you next week Friday (and other Fridays to come) as we take on significant facets that may help us finally see the Big picture. And also Monday is For devotion by the way😁 (another independent series)

Till we meet again

Be kind , Be humble, Spread love.

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