PodCast alert.😏

I have spent almost 4 hours trying to say;

Hello beautiful people

Welcome to,

in the moments the podcast

My name is Tikia your host.

After that my brain and mouth speak different languages. So here I am writing what was supposed to be recorded.

Yesterday(12.May.2020) when I decided I was doing this,(I literally decide these things in the moment). I was reminded of the first time I did a presentation at the University, which was also the first time I was speaking in public.

My voice faded away.

And my brain froze.

It was so bad, I dropped the course unit and picked up another.

The shame.

My second was different, it was top notch. Confidence became a self defense mechanism for me. It has been for a long while.

I struggle with verbal communication and find solace in writing, because through the words I can fully express myself. And that’s why am writing my first podcast episode (Genius).

Last week I started off a series on identity turned into mental health matters. If you missed it, find it Here . I was supposed to have a guest this Friday.

Good news.

We still have a guest except it will be a recorded interview. He is the reason I jumped at the chance of podcasting.So that’s when my voice will be demonstrated.

Let us celebrate the thought of podcasting at least.🀣🀣🀣(someone said it’s the next level of content creation) I promise I will do better. Fingers crossed. No pressure( so much pressure)

See you tomorrow, on my half podcast, half blog. Feel free to give me some podcasting tips in the comments, voice drills what what. How do you even speak πŸ€” and stay natural? I have less than 24hours. So help me.

Till then,

Be kind, be humble, spread love

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