A photographer creative#2_of_22😏

Salute my lovely people,

It is Day2 of the #winterabc2021 (meanwhile in Uganda it is very hot) but winter it is!😁 so get your cup of tea or soup and let’s indulge.

The party is still at the creatives tent and behind every creative is a journey today’s impression is of a photographer.


Did you know JPEG and PNG are picture file formats? Did you know 50mega pixels images are better than 25 mega pixels? Well I also don’t know what am talking about so let’s get into the world of a professional photographer 😏

Meet Timothy Akolamazima

Since I met Timothy at an acoustic music program at the University in 2015 he has always been a create-preneur (I learned that word Here from Leo Nation’s expression of a creative’s journey from Day1 of the challenge).

He was my plug for beautiful rustic jewellery and was cooking up an e-commerce fashion warehouse at that time. Along the way he added an online book store to the mix. Today he runs an online movie library alongside his professional photography business. And he is my Friend.

I asked him 3 questions.

Qn1: When did you decide you wanted to pursue photography what inspired the name Jima photography and who inspired the career switch?

Growing up, my playmates in the neighbourhood could not call me the sentence of my name Akolamazima and so they called me Jima and it stuck. 
I made up my mind to be a photographer in November 2019. I had purchased a camera in 2014 to take product photos for my e-commerce businesses but did not have any direct photography education.I did not have any career guidance on what photography really was by then.
People think that everyone who handles a camera is a photographer, but there is a difference between a cameraman and a photographer.
A photographer does what they do professionally and a cameraman just shows up and takes photos.

Around the time I started the movie library,

I also had a friend who decided to get into photography and by 2019 he had jumped many milestone while I was still hustling, so to be honest he was the spark for the start of my journey as a professional photographer, we don't get along because he didn't try to help me grow in my career but that's a whole other story. Long story short his independence and the financial freedom inspired me to walk in his footsteps I did pickup other inspirations along the way but his success was the reason for my career switch.

QN2: You got on this journey in November 2019 and Covid happens a few months into 2020, how did that effect you and your fresh career?

Besides the depression that came with being indoors from day 1 , day 2 to 30 and more, Covid was a blessing in disguise for me.
I started out in photography blind, since I love reading I had already purchased some books on photography but I still needed more guidance.All the free time that came with the lockdown allowed me to contemplate on what I wanted and it also helped me identify myself as a photographer. I realised I love documentary photography more as opposed to the many other forms of photography like events, landscape,portraits etc
I realised what keeps me going as a photographer is telling other peoples stories as authentic as I can.
However in Uganda the most selling forms of photography are events and portrait, so I also do that to earn a living. But my passion is with documentary photography. I also like sports photography though I don't have the equipment for it now. But am saving up for it.
Another blessing that came with Covid is that it made available lots of free photography classes.
I took an online visual storytelling course teaching how to tell stories using pictures and that helped me get grounded as a documentary photographer.
Part of the quarry flats project

Qn3: Any other challenges outside covid?

Jobs come in slowly for me as an upcoming photographer and photography is an expensive career. I was lucky I had a camera from my online businesses. A good camera costs about 1500USD. Also, photography is not about just the camera, there is other equipment you need to have to have better quality images in regards to lighting pixels and what the camera can do. How sensitive it is to light when you bump up its sensitivity to light, So many technicalities I don't want to get into.
A basic photographer would need 3 lenses. The 50mm which costs about 210USD I have that. The 24-150mm costs about 800USD and then you also need the 70-200mm that goes for about 2500USD and that's just a basic kit. You will also need reflectors Oh my God a lot of equipment...
For the sports photography, I want to get into I need the 70-200mm lens.
I feel it's important for a business to grow according to cash flow, you can get a few loans but it's also not good to over-borrow because you will end up working in debt. It's best the business grows organically.
Source: Pexels

Timothy Akolamazima is an upcoming young documentary photographer based in Uganda. He graduated with a BSc in population studies. His interest in photography was a bid to revitalise his reading habit and the beauty with photography literature is you read and practise. So he is a self taught photographer. In addition to photography he is an entrepreneur and a tennis coach.

Timothy is a creative.

His greatest work as a documentary photography was and will always be his first project where he told a story about his mum. His greatest support system and the main sponsor of all his what most would call crazy ideas.

Timothy: some would say it’s not the greatest project but I have a personal attachment to it.

You can find Timothy on Linked In and follow his stories on Instagram

It’s getting wintry and I have to go get another cup of minty lemon tea.

The winter is still young its just Day 2 we still have 20 more days to go.

Tomorrow we visit a Youtube Creative stall in the creative tent.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this art. Do pictures tell stories?

While you comment,

Be kind, be humble, spread love

33 thoughts on “A photographer creative#2_of_22😏

  1. Thanks alot for featuring my journey as a creative. Reading this has even made me appreciate my self more as creative. Keep up the good work 😊😊

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  2. Oh yes, they do. I’ve heard the pleasure of speaking with Tim and getting to see his works, first hand…I must say he’s good, his works are unique and good. If he keeps at that momentum, the next few years shall be better than what we have now!

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  3. Looking for him alreadyπŸ”ŠπŸ”ŠπŸ”ŠπŸ”ŠπŸ”Š

    This is Beautiful …we lack documentary photography in uganda hope he can break ground in that…

    Thanks for sharing him

    Me wondering how we doing winter challenge in this hot weather in Uganda

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for loving my work Connie. Hoping to do more with time. Feel free to follow my works on Instagram @timothyakolamazima and for a shoot you can WhatsApp me on 0779786135.

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