“To Respond to a persons’s kindness to oneself by being kind to someone else” ~ Oxford Lexico

A short story,

About the time I got pregnant I lost my job and had no savings at all,

and I was single.

The first four months were the hardest. It involved Processing the rejection, breaking the news to my people and church( I wrote about this will add links at the end) and worrying about how I would provide for my child while going through early pregnancy hormones.

One random night I was crying because I was Four months in and had not seen a doctor and had no plan because I was broke.

It hurt,

All my life I had dreamed that if I got a child I would make sure they had everything or at least the basics like health care. And here I was pregnant with no plan.

You know that Hannah cry in the Bible? that’s how deep I cried to God that night. I had no words just a broken heart.

I remember feeling a peace I could not ever explain. Jesus said to me “Relax and let me take care of you” and I slept like a baby that night.

What followed made me.

A friend connected me to her sister who was a midwife and I got free Antenatal care (the whole package) because of that relationship, I (my mum) paid half of the hospital bill and the rest was waved off after even cutting the original bill by half and i shamelessly picked the VIP room.

My mum and friends bought clothing, heck they bought the entire starter kit, my church family gave me upkeep. Through all this none of them ever made me feel vulnerable. I never had to ask or beg, they all gave with love. They never asked me for permission. They just did. One of my ninja friends Mercy , came the day I had given birth and did enough shopping that lasted me 3 months. Diapers , wipes ,baby soap. Everything I needed for my baby to be comfortable I had.

These acts of love and kindness allowed me to go through the pain of a single unemployed mum with peace and tranquillity. I was able to start my healing process and so am convinced brokeness was not passed on to my child. Her story will be of triumph. To everyone that poured into my life, financially and spiritually I am forever grateful. I am because you was all kind. If I start naming we shall sleep here.

My ninja Mercy the bride and me at 5months that’s what peace and tranquillity looks like 💞

My child was 3 months when I eavesdropped on a conversation my mum was having with a friend of hers.

One of her tenants had given birth to twins in her house, because she could not afford to go to the hospital. This lady delivered these kids on her own people. And did not even have any food to eat after. She already had 5 kids before and the process was not new to her but still. Any mother would know the trauma of child birth and being able to pull off a twin birth alone. Words fail me.

I could not get this ladies story out of my head. And so I did something about it. Because I had no cash, I fundraised among my friends and collected all of my child’s clothing from the first three months and had another friend drive me across town to reach out to a mother who I couldn’t even communicate with because I did not understand her language. Later in the year I helped her start a business. One day I will tell her full story.

It’s amazing how one persons’ act of kindness can change the course of your life.

Today, follow their lead.

Carry out a random act of kindness with no expectations of reward.

Pay it forward

It is day 2 of the advocacy week and day 6 of the winter afro bloggers challenge.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another story. As you wait, today is a good day to make a random act of kindness, call that friend, send that ka money, visit the maternity ward and give a random mum, pampers and wipes( you can never have enough wipes). You don’t have to know the person or speak there language. Just do.

We are the change we need.

My pregnancy reveal stories are my church experience in The heart of God, Telling dad and Mother I am pregnant.

Till then,

Be kind, be humble, spread love.

Picture source: pexels and my gallery.

17 thoughts on “PAY IT FORWARD#Day6_of_22

  1. Ohh dear that must have been a traumatic phase to go through. Single mom, no job and having to deal with rejection. Woww…kindness always pays off. You do unto others as you’d love them to do unto you. You came out a victor.
    Glad you passed on the kindness to others and I believe you’ll always reap what you sow

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh dear, pleasure was mine to see a brave mother that gave life to a beautiful princess and all they needed was love .I am more than glad that you replicated this love👏🏽👏🏽.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You know that Hannah cry in the Bible? that’s how deep I cried to God that night. I had no words just a broken heart.

    I felt this. I heard my voice here, at some.point I was asking myself, why is she sounding like me? This is my style 😊.

    You keep amazing me. I’m proud of you Tikia

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Your story resonates with me because I have been in your shoes before. I have been in a position of lack and having nothing for myself but was saved by random acts of kindness. Truly the change way seek lies within us. Thank you for sharing your story with us once again there are always lessons to learn

    Liked by 1 person

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