With Dropshipping you don’t need capital to start#Day11_of_22

Want to start an online business but don’t have the capital? Or maybe you’re not sure and want to test the waters first?

Then Drop shipping is your answer.

Dropshipping is a method of retail where the store never physically holds the product it sells. Instead when the retailer sells one of the products it’s sells on its online platform, they buy the product from a third party supplier who then ships the item directly to the end customer.More details here.

This requires less financial input and you don’t need a ware house to start. All you need is an online platform, internet ,a supplier , time and then market and market some more. Examples of big brand dropshipping companies include Shopify , oberlo and Ali-Express.

From the research I’ve done, doing dropshipping alone may not be viable for an individual but can be a stepping stone to you owning your own e-commerce store.

Today I feature Style Kafunda that started operation on the drop-shipping model and transitioned to a registered e-commerce business

For the love of pretty little things Seileb was looking for a mini backpack one day, but could not seem to find it on the online stores in Kampala, she visited other sites and found them but they were expensive and the entire process was another story. Then a thought crossed her mind to solve this problem for the lovers of trendy accessories. She tasted her skill first by finding suppliers down town and low key marketing the products on her WhatsApp status with a markup. And people bought.

Today she is the CEO of a startup e-commerce store,

Style Kafunda.

It’s a bougie and ghetto fashion collection brand and most definitely the plug to what is trending in the fashion scenery.

Her words;

My Vision is to be the biggest fashion collector in Uganda. There is a day in time when someone thinks of shoes, bags, clothing and jewellery they think style Kafunda. When you want a particular item in your size and colour whatever it is, we are the plug. Just send in specifications and we shall deliver to your door.

Fashion is evolving everyday. Something new is popping up every moment and because of that, we don’t restock old stock unless it’s a pre-order item.

We want our customer to feel unique, comfortable and happy.

We look up to IKrush in the Uk that is our inspiration.

Upnext are samples of the available stock. #lettheshoppingbegin

You can find the shop on Facebook @stylekafunda and Instagram @stylekafunda or call on +256 774 378 832 or WhatsApp at +256 794 255 644

I used to get mad when people would say you don’t need money to start a business. But as I grow up that statement is starting to make sense.

Money answers to craft. Master your craft and money will find you.


The winterABC 2021 is still on and getting better. See you tomorrow on another business techy thing.

Till then,

Be kind, be humble, spread love.

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