Customer Experience#Day12_of_22

Sometimes it has nothing to do with the product but more with the experience” ~Angella Muhumuza.

In my first year at the university, there was a saloon I kept going back to outside the fact that I kept coming out looking like a clown. This lady was always smiling, she kept asking me if I was okay, apologizing for any pain. She was kind and very clean. She was also fresh out of saloon school and that explains the mishaps in the final product. I would feel guilty each time I went to another saloon and so I kept going back. I ended up having to cut my hair that year because she used a product that didn’t work well with my hair. I lowkey thank God she moved her saloon and so my clown days were over. But if I found her new saloon today I would probably get a hairdo with the hope that maybe time has skilled her.

Customer Experience (CX) is a totality of cognitive, affective, sensory and behavioural consumer responses during all the stages of the consumption process including pre-purchase consumption and post-purchase stages.

~Wikipedia definition.

CX is everything related to a business that affects a customer’s feeling about their product(s).

I recently saw a meme making rounds trying to rank bankers, nurses and taxi conductors on bad CX.

I believe we have all had that one bad experience with a service provider, the mean face we get for asking for more details on a product, or having to wait longer than we should to receive a service.

Source: pinnacle peak marketing

It is so sad that after setting aside time and resources to be dishonoured with bad service.

For any business owner, I believe the customer’s experience is essential to whether your business will stand the test of time.

And I have a plug that will solve your CX problems.

Meet Service 4Cus

Service 4cus is a brand that highlights bringing Value to the customers. Their vision is to pioneer excellence in the Customers’ Experience. When they talk about Excellence in service they don’t only mean the staff that interface with client’s, but the entire organisational structure. Some staff do things in the workplace not because they were raised that way, but because of a toxic work environment or even personal issues. They believe Bad CX is caused by a cocktail of many things that end up in the face of a client.

Service 4cus offers Three products;

1.Physical training in customer care tailor-made for a particular nature of business in 3phases.

  • Phase 1.Identification of gaps where they spot the problems causing customer dissatisfaction.
  • Phase 2. Conceptualization. They use both interactive and group training according to departments.
  • Phase 3. Evaluation of the training.

2. Customer service manuals for clients that opt-out of the training. The manuals can be put into policy to make a basis for interaction as a guideline.

3. Ushers- well-trained customer care professionals available for both social and corporate events.

Angella Muhumuza an Ex banker now proprietor of service 4 cus, conceived the idea while still in the corporate world. She had many experiences with customers both enjoyable and strenuous which is normal in the service industry. But she believes the bottom line is a turnaround Good customer experience. She had also been a victim of bad CX from restaurants to hotels to offices and that list is endless. Because of her undying passion for excellent service, she decided to be the change and Today we have service 4cus.

Meet Angella Muhumuza

If you want the spirit of Excellence harnessed in your business Service 4 cus is the plug.

Get in touch , follow, like, and share Website Service 4cus, Facebook @service4cus, Twitter @service 4cus and Instagram @service 4cuz

It’s day 12 of 22 of the winter ABC 2021 day 3 of the business and tech week and regardless of bad days (like today for me) we move. Am glad I made it. And I will most definitely be back tomorrow with another plug.

Do share your good and bad customer experiences in the comments section.

Every day is a good day to

Be kind, be humble and Spread love.

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