Creative Concept Advertising #Day13_of_22

“A subject can be remembered more easily if the mind finds itself in an emotional state” ~Brigitte Schuster

Creative concept advertising is an overarching big idea that captures audience interest influencing their emotional response and inspires them to take action.

The advertising concept is the framework in which the campaign has to be situated, the more an ad includes criteria like catching of interest, relevance, credibility, rententivity , and continuity the more it will be successful. (Sourced from the Internet)

Hello there, what is that advert that has stayed with your for a long while?

Marketing and advertising in my opinion are the lifelines of any business. If you are not out there making joyful noise no one will ever know you exist. Not with all the competition out there.

There are so many adverts out there, but there are also those that stand out. I am personally emotionally attached to Coca-Cola, am always tasting the feeling with each sip (am not over exaggerating but that soda sends chills down my spine even CR7 won’t phase me) Then there are those we never forget, I still remember the kiwi advert from when I was a child. I don’t even know if there is any other shoe polish. There was a time I was singing “life bouy have no fear with lifebouy”,the song was stuck in my head.


And then the voices behind the alcohol ad’s oh my liver.Ladies don’t some of you drink tusker malt lager because of that guy telling you to taste the difference.

It’s the music, it’s the voices, it’s the pictures used to convey the message that we relate to and that is how we end up being loyal customers. Human beings were created for relationship any advert that taps emotions will create a connection.

A business stays relevant when it connects with its target audience on an emotional level.

Today we meet Tuli concepts a fresh company in the business of creative concept marketing and advertising.

Tuli concepts exist to make it simple for organisations and businesses to create concepts that speak and build connections with their target audience. They will be your partner in advertising , market research and survey.

If you want to do a short film or documentary, start a podcast or need concepts for a show or adverts. Tuli concepts is the plug.

On 1st July 2021 Tuli Concepts will be launching its Voice Bank. A platform that will be hosting voice artists and connecting them to gigs. They will also be training young people that would love to join the voice industry. In case you don’t know who voice artists are. It’s those people that make sure to articulate and intonate information in a way that stays with you forever. The voices behind the adverts we love so dearly. The voices that hypnotise us and make us look for and stay loyal to those products or opinions.

The voicebank in a way is uplifting African voices and motivating young people to rise, be heard and be outspoken.

Twine Bella is the Founder and CEO of Tuli concepts. she is a fourth-year student at Makerere University majoring in Communications. Her vision is to stay indigenous and African through voice artistry but also provide solutions to organisations and businesses struggling to highlight their internal work or product to their audience.

Contact them via;


Call on(256) :0702163728


Tomorrow we conclude the business and tech week. And I will be featuring an online hardware store. Yes you can now have your building materials delivered on-site by clicking away on your phone.

See you then.

Be kind, be humble spread love.

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