E-Commerce Automation #Day14_of_22

E-commerce automation is the process of using software tools that will complete various tasks for you, rather than the need to do them yourself.~ shift4shop.com

You know those stories of people in the diaspora trusting relatives with their money and projects only to come back to nothing.

Well, those days are over. At least for those construction projects.

And then, when you think of the costs of building your dream home you push it further into the future. I believe in one by one makes a bundle. Did you know you can save as low as 1 dollar a day or week the frequency is your choice and you can keep increasing your savings as the money comes in for your building material?

No more hustle, I have a Plug😏

Wena hardware is the icing on cake. The cherry on top. It’s the one-stop solution for all your building and construction needs. They are with you from the cornerstone of your building to consultancy to helping you choose throw pillows, curtains and chandeliers.

And all this is a click away. What a way to conclude the business and tech week.😏 With a business that has embraced technology to its core.

Let’s get to know Wenahardware.com Better;

10 Questions

1.How did the company begin?

The company begun in 2017 after Vaolah(founder and CEO) at the time read and heard stories about people in diaspora who would send money to their relatives back home for construction but end up being disappointed.
And she realised that the solution for that was lacking and was not available on the market so she consulted technical people for both ecommerce web design and development and also construction solutions. And that’s how wena was started

Meet Voalah Founder and CEO

2. What is your vision and Mission?

Our Vision is to be Africa’s leading provider for home construction and home improvement solutions With a mission to provide the highest level of service, the broadest product selection and the most competitive prices, efficiently and profitably.

3.Who is your ideal customer?

Our ideal customer groups include home owners, proffessionals, diaspora clients, hardware stores, exports, support organisations and green energy.

4. How does your brand make your customer feel?

One of our major objectives is to offer convenience, efficiency and access to a broad range of products which we feel that our clients have grown to appreciate.

5. What Products and services does your brand offer?

Wenahardware offers 4 services
*Wena-store* which is the online ecommerce platform that can be used across Uganda and soon Kenya and Zambia where clients can access all construction and home improvement products all in one place.
*Wena Global* where we import construction and home improvement products all over the world, we provide options for global products but also clients have the opportunity to request for specific products that we can source for them from our vast international network.
Where you can request for proffessionals in construction and home improvement
*wena wallet*
Where you can save to build

6.What are the trends and changes that affect your industry?

With everything going digital, and more so because of the Covid-19 pandemic the primary trend that has affected us has been the growth of the online business which comes with its challenges/threats like the low barrier to entry but also quite several opportunities.

7.Best customer story?

The best customer stories are quite a number but for purposes of this I will just have to go with a lady from Sweden who did a google search of buying construction material online after getting inconcluscive reports from the people she was sending money to buy material for construction. She landed on wenahardware and took a leap of faith to purchace through an online platform and after about six transactions confessed how she was unsure but we made her life easier. She jokes about how she thought ‘ Let me try and see if these ones are also ‘bafele’ (con men)

8.Worst Customer Story?

The worst customer story would be when a client ordered for a big number of cement for cash on delivery but changed their mind but didn’t inform us until our rider reached their premises even after follow up calls for direction. Our partnership with the manufacturer came in handy but it was rather embarrasing on our end.

9. If wena were an animal what would it be?

We would have to go with Dolphins not only because of their immense intelligence but because they are also known to protect humans(people in diaspora) against sharks.

10.Who are your competitors what makes you different from them?

Our main competition would be hardware stores but what makes us different is our reach(countrywide), our product and service ranges, convenience and most importantly e-commerce automation.

Find them via;





And it’s a wrap people, today is the end of the business and tech week. I had a good time profiling these businesses and I may just get into brand strategy😌. So if you’re struggling to articulate your value. I am the Plug info@tikiawithgrace.com

A big thank you to everyone that contributed to this weeks content. Britech on Smart security style kafunda on Dropshipping, service 4cus on Customer Experience Tuli concepts on Creative Concept Advertising and wena hardware.com on e-commerce automation.

Next week is for fashion and Culture on the winter ABC 2021. 8days to go💞

Enjoy the weekend, stay safe and most importantly,

Be kind , Be humble, spread love.

(The 10questions were sourced from Google)

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