The Afro Print Evolution#Day18_of_22



(Means hello to all of you in Zulu😎 Learned that from Lebogang on her blog this week On culture and language )

So how can we talk fashion and culture and not talk about the most cherished print in Africa. Ankara commonly known as kitenge and kente which I found out yesterday was different from kitenge because of the print.

Kente is native to the Akan tribe in Ghana, historically the fabric was worn by Royalty. The Akan call the kente nwentoma.

Kente is now far more than a fabric of adornment. It is political, it makes a statement and it remains a thing of beauty. ~ Letter from Africa

As for Ankara the kitenge, it’s that lessu you saw your aunty from the village tie around her waist everywhere she went. The wrapper your grandmother wore to church every Sunday,and the outfit that one very traditional teacher wore to school everyday.


Ankara in my time growing up (am a 90’s baby) was considered for old traditional people. If you wore it you were considered old school and very unfashionable.

But look at how the narrative has changed over time. The trends have changed and so has the use of Ankara. Now it’s a jewel in every millennials closet. We now wear it with pride because it spells africanicity to the core.

The fashion industry worldwide has adopted the print and has made it even more beautiful. It’s on accessories, shoes, clothing international fashion week runways but above all;

It’s beautiful,stylish and trendy. It has evolved.

Today I feature a local fashion designer brand E-Nakaziba Effects from Uganda.

Esther the designer on the left showcasing her work at the Uganda film and culture week that happened in may 2021

Esther Nakaziba on the thread, is also a special effect and beauty make-up designer. You can find more of her work on Facebook @nakaziba Esther and Instagram Esther_nakaziba she recently started a YouTube channel ENakaziba Creatives to showcase the process of the creative work she does.

You can reach out to her WhatsApp or call to make your tailor-made outfits on +256 705 112 463.

And that’s it for today. One more day to end the fashion and culture week, stay expectant tomorrow is going to be lit. (I honestly have no idea what next)

Till then,

Be kind, be humble, spread love.


      • After tongues is Zulu

        I trust you…i know you are a quick learner inspired by the Holy Spirit

        Sawubona nawe means Hello to you.πŸ€—πŸ€—

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  1. I’ve always been a lover of African prints and I love that it keeps evolving. The flexibility of the usage of the fabric gives me joy.

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