Beautiful Distress (part 3) #Day22_of_22

It’s all coming back to me now.

9th October 2012

It was the first-ever Dance Heaven competition, we didn’t make it to the finals but the thrill of being on that stage was more than enough for me, plus it was for Jesus.

That evening was one I will never forget. From the dancing to the fact that my guilty pleasure came too.

You know those pretty boy swag dudes we had in high school, The ones that had girls exchanging not so kind words behind the scenes and sometimes it got physical. That was Oliver Twist (let’s call him that).

I met Oliver twist in my S6 second term at my crew’s secret dance rehearsal ground, some graveyard for ancient priests of the Catholic church next to my school. It was the perfect place to hide out since we were cutting class to prep for the competition and no one would think to find us at a graveyard. Anyway, Oliver Twist was the cream De la cream. His vibe was sleek and his voice had me hypnotised he also smelled like nature. I don’t remember how we ended up together but who can blame me. The pretty boy wanted me and he helped get my mind off Mr Smoky eyes.

I call it a guilty pleasure because he was a class below me , he was selling like hot cake and I didn’t want the attention. So in school we agreed to pretend we didn’t know each other.

Back to 9th October,my country was celebrating its independence;

The competition had ended at around 10 pm, me and Oliver Twist were holding hands,

There was a beautiful twilight caused by the full moon. The group was ahead of us and as we walked, we got to a shadowy area on the way home.

He gently moved his hand to the back of my waistline pulling me closer facing him, I was awestricken. I had never been that close to a human boy. I was those girls that did not hug anyone anyhow because my body is the temple of God. He got even closer, gazing into my eyes sending me into a stupor, the air was thick, my mind had frozen, there was a stampede of butterflies in my tummy and chills running up and down my spine, sending tremors all over my body. His touch was celestial. Then our lips touched.

A light flashed our way and I got shocked out of the moment. A car was coming our way and we were in the middle of the road in an awkward position. I pulled away and run to catch up with the group.

Earlier that year, Smoky(let’s call the owner of the tale that) had all of a sudden stopped talking to me. He ignored my calls and messages for two weeks, So I decided to stop bothering him. I have never been the kind to impose.

A week later he decides to call and let me in on what was going on. Turns out his friends in my school told him I was dating some boy called Micah.

Now Micah was a classmate, very shy never talked to anyone sat at the back and was always in a hurry. I had never even spoken to him. So I laughed so hard, it now made sense why Micah always entered the class like he was being run down by a herd of cattle.

That’s how my desk mate described his grand entrance all the time. we sat at the entrance of the class and we couldn’t help but notice Micahs’ awkwardness. Looks like he had a huge crush on me and in high school, those rumours spread like wildfire. Except Micah told everyone me and he was together.

After laughing I realised there was more, Smoky was dead serious he trusted his sources over me and just like that he dumped me. I was so hurt and angry, one because the rumour was not even true, hurt because he chose his friends over me. I decided there and then I wasn’t going to try to convince him otherwise and so I let him go without a fight.

We had been dating from my S5 second term to S6 first term. (each school year has 3 terms) we communicated via text messages and phone calls. During the school terms, he snuck a phone in and would text me on random days. I was in day school and so I had access to my phone all the time.

We never met the whole time because he lived out of town. He always sent really sweet text messages. We talked about where we would have our honeymoon(in the Bahamas) We agreed sex was for after marriage and he joked about us moving to his home village since that was what he was used to. I on the other hand was a city girl. It was a beautiful romance while it lasted.

Oliver Twist became scarce after the almost first kiss. I was devastated because of his absence. That almost first kiss meant a lot to me. I did not cry for smoky but Oliver got me drenched in a pool of tears. It was a month to my finals and I was an emotional wreck.

Then I met my nightingale

I spent one day with him. Everything he did was a sweet symphony to my soul.

If chivalry was a person that was him.

It was on the day the princess of Tooro kingdom got married (her first wedding)and as we watched the beautiful event,

He kissed me ever so gently.

When I left his place that day.I decided I was never going to see him again.Because he made me feel a way I did not recognize. I was not shattered anymore but I was also not ready for the overwhelm of emotion he made me realize with just a kiss and his chivalry and I had my finals coming soon.

High school was done and that was about the same time Facebook was the flame. Smoky sent me a friend request which I accepted.

He occasionally messaged me during the school break about how he missed me and all, but after Oliver twist and Nightingale I wasn’t as excited. that ship had sailed for me.

We finally met the day he came to pick his University admission. We sat in the yard of a church on a hill. In the middle of our conversation, a policeman walked up to us and after a brief interrogation we ended up in jail. Turns out we choose the wrong spot and we’re trespassing on private property.

To date, I wonder how the church is private property.

Long story short. I managed to talk us out of that situation. I walked him to the taxi stage. Gave him a handshake and he boarded off. And that was the last time I ever saw Smoky.

The End…

And it’s a wrap people. Today is the last day of the Afro bloggers challenge and I tried to Oliver Twist the events. I hope I did it justice?

I think am going to do a day 22.1 to close this challenge very well. I did not plan this story I can not even explain how I ended up here.

But I loved the experience.

See you on 22.1 of 22 anytime before the week ends.

Be kind, Be humble, spread love.

15 thoughts on “Beautiful Distress (part 3) #Day22_of_22

  1. We got served ❤️❤️ I am with Wonani and Esther though .. you have some really exquisite story telling skills, when do we get a novel by Tikia??!

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