A Proper Goodbye WinterABC #Day 22.1of 22

Hi there,

So it’s already July and am late to the party, but I promised to give the winter Afrobloggers challenge a proper goodbye.

June had to be the hardest I have worked my entire life. I had to jumpstart myself to come back this week. (been writing this goodbye all week mostly in my head)

I started this blog On 5th March this year(2021) in a bid to discover how far I could go with this writing(and sharing) that I had for so long desired to do alongside the desire to tell stories and share Devotions because Jesus is king.

Patricia Opio of This is my story her blog, who is a lover of progress for all especially women, introduced me to the Afro bloggers community after I had published My first blog post.

I joined the WhatsApp group with no intention of ever speaking, I was simply going to observe.

For a newbie, Afrobloggers gave me a home with a distinctive community that recognizes the value, effort and time put into content creation via blog, vlog, podcast, YouTube et al.

In a world that underlooks creatives(thank God that is changing and the future is bright) especially for the African, they created a safe space and I/we are forever Thankful to the team behind Afrobloggers and the extraordinary society that makes the entire thing work like white on rice.

I am very proud to belong and to have participated in this year’s winter challenge.

And I am very humbled to have been among those nominated for most outstanding blog this year. It feels pretty awesome to be recognised. Cheers to that. (You can check out the rest of the nominees Here.)

Elise from Ghana took the award and she deserved it. You just need to go to her site and experience for yourself. Letters from this heart. (Thank me later)

My journey through June was like a cross country run for a person that has never run a race their entire life, from sleepless nights the first week to long evenings the weeks that followed coupled with keeping up with Parenting my almost 2-year-old who also picked June to stop wearing clothes among many other things (I will tell this story another day). Special shouts out to my sisters (Esther, Angel and Yola) who made my run a little less gruelling.

I must confess that it was all worth it, I loved it ,I enjoyed it and I will do it all over again (next year of course. I don’t plan to go crazy anytime soon). I feel I have grown so much as a writer from this experience.

I also realised I could actually pull off a great brand story.(so feel free to hire me for your brand strategy~ shots fired)

I want to thank everyone whose story I featured,(those were last-minute deals by the way)

Everyone who kept cheering me on, (Udeh I see you always… do well to visit her blog The Tory Teller she talks about her Anambra man😏 and of course other staff like child birth, parenting, crazy things that happen in lagos et al)

Everyone that took the time to read my work and all the encouraging feedback I got that gave me the zeal to keep running the race. Thank you.

And to everyone that participated in the challenge well done. Let’s do this again About the same time next year.

And that is it.

A proper goodbye for a well deserved event.

Before we jumped into this festival I was rethinking so many things. I will share soon. For now we are going back to the old schedule. Monday 4 devotions and Friday for a cause or a story or another devotion, who knows…

So catch you on Monday for the devotion.

I happen to be on a team launching a fascinating book in the near future, I will be sharing a book review on it. Rogers already published his take Here.

The Grand Daughter Project by Shaheen Chishti.

Till then,

Be kind, Be humble, spread love.

4 thoughts on “A Proper Goodbye WinterABC #Day 22.1of 22

  1. Dear Tikia,

    I couldn’t be prouder of you (I hope it’s okay to say).
    It’s no longer news that you’ve grown so much in such a short time.

    Your energy charges me up every time I read from you.

    You’re doing well.

    Kisses to my Darling Eren for constantly keeping you on your toes, that’s what motherhood is about, right? Lolz.

    I love you plenty!😘

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You are a fun, original being my darling sis❤❤❤i loved, laughed and pondered on your beautiful stories.
    Did you just say you started the blog in March. Wwowowow….kudos you 👏👏👏. You are doing well sissy and keep the good work going…looking forward to tomorrow for the devotion. I took a break for the whole week😂😂😂😂..ill be back tomorrow as well yeyyy

    Liked by 1 person

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