Beautyful Problems ~A book review

Hello there Beautiful People,

Am usually off on the weekend but some tea can’t wait or else it will get cold.🤭🤭

This is for the book lovers and the literary folk because the English in this one is ENGLISH.

Something to add on your waiting list as the book is still on coming soon status.

It’s also An African Author, Ugandan to be specific. Let’s take a minute to celebrate that💃💃💃💃💃.

A brief description;

Opio Gordon “Goldie” is a young lawyer trying to find his feet in a big law firm in Kampala. His best friend Victor invites him for an event back to their alma mater little knowing that the evening will set him on a path of chasing love with Genelas, a University student. Soon, Goldie’s promising career is tested when one of the cases he is assigned gets him entangled with politics. As his client helps him escape, a new role awaits him, one that jerks him from life as he knew it. Victor is dragged into his friend’s fate and when presented with news of a blind spot in his own relationship, Victor suddenly has to face his own demons.

A review By Dave Ndyanabo.

The staccato pace and catchy dialogue of the novella are likely to get movie writers clamouring to turn it into a blockbuster script.

I found the short read “unputdownable”

In a country where anything happens and no one is the wiser; where the price of sugar could be discussed with as much gusto as whose children you are raising, at times reading about your country can be sobering, even funny.

Beautyful Problems is just that; familiar without being bland, shocking even when it’s relatable. It tells the Ugandan story repeated in many households, in a Ugandan way with all our phrases, garnished with all the socio-political undertones that threaten to spill over each day. If you are (still) interested in the trajectory the Pearl is taking and it doesn’t sit well with you or you are merely looking for a good read that takes you away from all this – in instalments- as we have gotten used to, this is a book you would like.

We are captivated by the protagonist Goldie whose carefree, even reckless lifestyle reminds us that life can be how we make it. His philandering borders on psychotic and in following him and this story, we are left chewing on this: Is this all there is? Are we a product of our faults or was the system rigged from the start?

Meet The Author:Godwin Matsiko (who looks like Goldie on the book cover or is it just me🤔)

The book will be available for pre-order end of July 2021 and on Amazon end of August 2021.

For now you can follow progress on the social media pages on Facebook as Beautyful Problems and on Twitter as @beautyfulprobl1.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.As we wait for beautyful problems to be officially launched Do share your thoughts on the book in the comment section.

Till Monday

Be kind, Be humble, spread love.

8 thoughts on “Beautyful Problems ~A book review

  1. I think the author had himself in mind when crafting the main character.
    Just kidding, though the resemblance is kinda visible.

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  2. This sounds like a good book painting the every day life of a Ugandan and our hustles. Looking forward to it. Well done on the review Joella 👏 👍

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Godwin is definitely Goldie 😅.

    This sounds like something to look out for. I’m excited and I hope it gets adapted into screen.

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