Stereo Hearts & Prom Night😌#August Rush

Hey you.

So Mwene decided to rush into August and I jumped on the wagon. (Issa Challenge I think )

No particular rules of engagement just songs that mean something to us and what we like about them.

I don’t know much about song backgrounds and all like how Mwene writes about Natural woman by Aretha Franklin. but I sure do have a song for major occasions in my life.

The universe always aligns with my moments and plays a song.

And so I’ll share a song and the memory it brings.

Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes

The song played as I walked down the red carpet in 2012, I remember being so nervous to the point everything blurred and the song was all I could feel and hear. I was literally holding my breathe and gripping on to my date like my life depended on it.

Thank God I knew then how to walk in my heels, because the drama of a girl in 6inch heels is a story for another day.

The memory of that day is about A Father’s love for his Daughter.

Nothing ever prepared me for the stunt my dad pulled that day,

Dude showed up in a Nigerian mustard yellow oga suit and wanted to take pictures with his daughter that was always running away from any occurrence that would draw attention to her.

To say I was embarrassed is an understatement. I tried to run and hide but I was too late because he was right in front of me with open arms coming in for a hug while the whole world watched.

Year’s have gone by and When I think about it today, I get butterflies because oh well, My old man really does love me.

That day as we walked to the photo booth while everyone stared at me and my overdressed father, he told me he was proud of me finally finishing high school and he wanted the memory for keeps.

There is a lyric in the song

Cause holding grudges over love is ancient artifacts…”

🤣🤣🤣🤣 I actually don’t know what that means. But I got over that grudge.

Thanks Dad for showing me how much you love me and embarrassing me at the same time. Hopefully for Angel and Yola you will do it like in the movies. The pictures are taken from home not at the event.🤭

Unfortunately I lost the pictures but I found one of me and my date…

So each time stereo hearts plays am reminded of by far the most embarrassing parent child incident of my life.

And dassit for Day 1 of the August rush.

Do you still remember the song that played as you walked on that red carpet? (or am I so cheesy) Do share a memory of the embarrassing stunts your parents pulled on you in school.😏

See you tomorrow as I unveil another musical memory.

Be kind, be humble , spread love.

21 thoughts on “Stereo Hearts & Prom Night😌#August Rush

  1. So I have always been bad at music from childhood. It never really moved me that much funny right, except country music and what gets to plays on Power Fm. Actually I had to read today’s blog post three times to understand what Stereo hearts was.. got Joella’s favourite lines posted them “Cause holding grudges over love is ancient artifacts…” only to realise Stereo Hearts is one of those amazing songs 🎵 by Gym Class Heroes by Gym Class Heroes released in 2011. So now I gave the post a third read of course after enjoying the song on YouTube 😉

    Woooow Joella you have such a sweetheart of a dad 🥰…Not so many dads are proud of their daughters finishing high school and also there on there prom nights. Kudos to him. That’s something I only saw in movies. It happening for u is such an amazing moment. He has inspired me more to also be there for my daughter or son when I get a chance to have one.

    For me it wasn’t music or a song. It was when I invited dad and mum for a tennis match in a tournament I was competing in during high school. Was so happy for both of them showing up for me which even gave me the energy to win that particular match. It means alot when parents show up for such events..Best moments ever

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