Dancing to Micheal Jackson’s Thriller #August Rush

It’s been a while since I listened to the legendary Forever king of Pop;


As I write am listening to “speechless” which growing up was my pedestal for true love, it’s also the song am doing the first dance to on My wedding day. (Speaking of weddings if you like me, will you please shoot your shot I am ready😬)

Also, My baby sister is here asking me who it is am listening to(I feel old)

Today we are grooving to MJ’s music trying to do the moonwalk and also a recap of the zombie dance in thriller which is today’s memory.

The best days of my childhood were lived on the streets of kololo a suburb in Kampala. My father was a teacher in one of the schools in that area.

If Adventure was a people it was the kids in my generation, we acted out every episode of adventure inc(only 90’s kids know this series)

We jumped fences, gave the Askari’s a hard time, tried to fly with the big umbrella’s from Athena club house,had picnics on the roadside of acacia avenue (baskets contained pine juice and whatever the host kid had for lunch at their home which most of the time was posho and beans🤣🤣🤣🤣we had snacks only when a parent felt pity for us,which was rear) we ate away wondering who lived in the beautiful gated houses that had dogs barking at us scaring the life out us all the time.

No wonder I don’t like dogs…Okay am getting carried away,

We are celebrating MJ today. He was born August 29th 1958 and died June 25th 2009. He was dubbed the king of Pop and also the most significant cultural figure of the 20th century.

The night he passed on I was in S3. I remember crying for him, I was genuinely so hurt because he was who we grew up singing and dancing to and I kind of thought he was immortal. I also believe that’s is when I realised even celebrities can die.

On Saturday mornings we always had karaoke and Dance and of course Micheal Jackson was always topping the chats. He was our idol.

Thriller was always my best song to do because I got to be Trevor’s girlfriend. Trevor was the acting MJ and I was the girl in the music video. (Also Trevor was my childhood crush)

Trevor knew those words a narrator did when the zombies were coming out of the grave and the rest of us would beatbox the beat as we copied the zombie dance choreography.

Ooh good old days.

I must confess now that am listening in as an adult I realize we misfired the lyrics. 🤣🤣🤣 here is a sample;

we gotta thriller feel so nice……

At least we got the beats right.💞

We also did covers of smooth criminal, Billie Jean and Beat it.

The earth song for some reason always made me cry.

MJ for me was/is still the king of pop soul funk blue and rock.

Micheal Jackson is my idol and the reason behind my love for dance.

Me still dancing @20 fine

Dassit for today. I can smell August already.💃💃💃

What’s your favourite MJ song?

I’ll be back tomorrow

Be kind, Be humble, spread love.

5 thoughts on “Dancing to Micheal Jackson’s Thriller #August Rush

  1. You brought back memories-Kololo was also home for a time and MJ too although my bro mastered the lines, and strokes down to a T even earning the name Jackso in high school. Good times they were👌

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