August Rush~ Guest Edition

Hi again,

Before I took the weekend off I had promised I was hosting a special guest on this series.

This one is my beautiful forever 20 fine mommy from Nigeria. She is the life of the party.


Music is life!

For me and for many of my kind. I can’t recall how I managed to fall in love with music. It’s not a love of today, not at all, been in my blood vessels from my childhood days. Growing up, my siblings and I were exposed to the world of music, through my dad, I think. He loved to sing.

I’d like to think that my all time childhood favourite songs were by Africa’s finest, the Princess of Africa, Yvonne Chaka chaka! I loved this woman, still do, her songs, the tone, rhythm even though I didn’t always understand some of the lyrics but she was my love. My favourite was Thank you Mr. DJ

I remember when my siblings and I got so overwhelmed with music that we started our own band. Only the memory of this makes me burst into a broad smile that leaves a twinkle in my eyes and warmness in my heart. Anyway, we later had a family choir that was recognized in our church and everyone always looked forward to our annual family Thanksgiving because we also gave a rendition that left the entire congregation in awe and was talked about several Sundays after.

Well, that’s how amazing our family choir was but this post will be focusing on our band, which existed before the birth of the choir.
At that time, I had 5 siblings, my last sister wasn’t born yet. (When I tell her she’s a small rat, she’ll be arguing with me, just because she’s the tallest right now.)

Anyway, the band had my eldest sister and my younger sister as singers, my immediate senior sister as the drummer, my younger brother was a back up singer, giving a touch of bass that was yet to be properly formed, and the other played the guitar. Lolz.
Well, yours truly was handling the piano, with pride, you know.

The Band

Before I proceed let me clarify that none of us had ever used any of these instruments outside our dreams! We were professionals only in our minds and we were proud of that!
Let me also add that we had mastered the sounds of these instruments so well that our band existed without any of them. In simple terms, we played their sounds with our mouths; now you get it.

It was always a splendid time whenever we had a concert at home. Our neighbours enjoyed listening to us because we didn’t have any other audience and only performed when my parents were away. It was a wonderful time as the remote control of the television always served as our microphone!

We. Were. Amazing!

I think what made our band die a natural death was the day we had an international concert on the bed in our room and ended up breaking the the legs of the bed while jumping on stage. Mama gave us the beating of our lives when she returned that evening!

Well, not long after, my dad returned home from his station outside the state and he resurrected our band which was rebranded into the Raphael Chukwuma’s Family Choir!

Meet the Raphael Chukuma’s Family Choir.

Onyinye Udeh aka Tory Teller is a writer, content creator, blogger, and storyteller. She shares her experiences on Tory Tellerโ€™s Blog where her readers learn lessons and get inspired. Humor is one of her recipes. Do well to visit her blog Tory tellers you will have a good time on there.

Don’t you just love Udeh.๐Ÿ˜Œ

Speaking of Yvonne Chakachaka and the good old days. For those who have no idea who she is here is a link to Thank you Mr.Dj. come back and tell me how amazing she is.

Be back tomorrow as we getting closer to August.

Be kind, be humble spread love.

20 thoughts on “August Rush~ Guest Edition

  1. Hahahaaaa… What an international choir! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    Yes, we love Onyinye! ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ


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