#03 The Freedom in the God life.

Live as free people, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as God’s slaves.~ 1Peter 2:16

Growing up we are taught how Christianity is supposed to look like.(Dont sin or your going to hell). That can partly explain the judgemental aura within the church of God. We all think salvation is supposed to be a certain way and our way is the right way.

4years ago is when I started to pursue intimacy, in this journey I have come to realise that The God we serve is Multi dimensional. You can’t put him in a box. Especially when he goes against out human narrative of right and wrong. He always seem to be on the side of the people we think are plainly wrong.

For example, Jacob stole a birthright and God blesses him beyond measure. Looks like he was rewarded for theft.

There is a story of one of God’s Generals William Branham. He was a very powerful Man of God. One time he altars the course and says that women are the cause for the fall of man, and started a whole uprising of people that blamed women for every bad thing happening on the earth. One day him and his wife get into an accident and the wife dies, he asks the people to bring his wife close to him, he lays hands on her and she resurrects and Branham dies. The story here is he goes to heaven. You would think that after leading people astray he would end up in hell, because he sinned. But God revealed to the teller of this story that Branham did everything thinking he was doing it for God and that was righteous. His heart was in the right place. Meanwhile we still have the Branhamite movement ongoing to date.

Yes I know.

It leaves a question of what is right and what is wrong? I also don’t know the answer. You are going to have to ask God.

The past two weeks I have been struggling with something, a ”sin” and I spent a lot of time praying too God to take away this distraction,asking him to not trust me to flee from this temptation. I found myself more sin-concious and the guilt and shame was eating away at my faith.

This brings me to the theme scripture and a question,

Is it possible that we can get away with anything?

🤣🤣🤣 Dont get to excited. Actions have consequences. Even Peter in the scripture is telling us to not use our freedom to cover up for evil.

Does That means we can do evil and still Gods grace will cover us? I think for the answer to this is,

The wages of sin is death. You may go to heaven but you may also die young.

I am reminded of when Jesus says that we should not be shocked to find prostitutes in heaven.

So after having a glimpse of this freedom It sort of scared me,the liberation we have in Christ. Because I have been used to a certain way of right and wrong, and this liberty thing feels like an excuse to get away with sin.

But then the Holy Spirit came to the rescue and told me; Transformation is a process and you can not be one with God and do evil. Those two cannot co-exist.

His teachings in his word leads us to his freedom. And the more we pursue intimacy the more we know our father, the more we become like him. God can’t sin and if we are walking out the process, we can’t still be referred to as sinners.

There is a place in God where we are not sin-conscious but more God-conscious

A place where the scriptures come alive in us.

We are the righteousness of God now and today, not when we have stopped “sinning

How do we get there,

The more you practise his principles and grow in understanding that sin cannot hold you back, the more you will live and experience in the Freedom that is Jesus.

The Good Godlife.

You can’t shift that reality (of sin). You must grow” ~Rabbi Daniel Malinga.

Next week we touch the transfiguration and maybe we can break down this freedom thing some more.

Let’s pray;

Lord, I thank you for the life of the person that is reading this, may you touch them and transform them into who you have purposed them to be.

You are blessed and highly favoured in Jesus is name.


The August rush challenge is still on and is coming right after this post. I have a special guest.

Be kind, be humble spread love.

17 thoughts on “#03 The Freedom in the God life.

  1. The truth is that we only know in part. That is why every child of God needs the Holy Spirit to order your steps and decisions to act right at all times.
    Honestly, I have a lot of questions that I know only God can answer, that is one of the reasons I don’t want to miss heaven so that I can ask Him my questions directly and get a better understanding.
    Bottom line, everyone should have a personal relationship with the Spirit of God, so that He can lead you aright. Be God’s child and hear directly from Him so that no one will lead you astray! God’s gat no grankids!

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  2. We can never out think God neither can we be more righteous than Him. We can actually be in permissive will and our steps have still been willed there ask Jonah. Whenever I find myself in one of those conundrums I remind myself His thoughts are above mine and I always feel He looks at the heart of the person doing someone that’s why I never judge people without knowing their intentions. I guess heaven will have very interesting company. That said, I believe certain people have reached such a rank with God that He will choose to overlook some ‘sins’-didn’t Abraham lie about his wife?

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  3. Notice that verse says be a slave to God. This isn’t talking about being a slave to a creator of the Universe. God in this verse is a male King.

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    1. Well God is king.And we are his servants. There are so many facets to who God is. You can’t put him in just the box of one title. He is Father, King and Priest. He also happens to be creator of the Universe. He is one and All. He is Indescribable


      1. God died thousands of years ago, because he was a human King. In our human form no one is immortal. Jesus didn’t literally raise from the dead nor did he raise anyone from the dead. If they could of raised people from the dead back then it would still be happening today. Also we aren’t created we are the creation. Quantum physics states that mass and energy are interchangeable, and consequently that mass is merely a manifestation of energy.

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      2. I don’t play that agree to disagree. Disagreements are ways to be challenged and move you toward the truth. ✌️

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