Mozart & Raising Eren #August Rush

Hey Tuesday 😌

As a new mom, some of the things I think about are on how I can help my child during her early stages of cognitive development. And some of the ways of doing this include, being present, singing along, practising the alphabet, talking to them even when you think they don’t understand. Toddlers are smarterthan we give them credit for.

Meet Eren

When Eren was going on 2 months she would wake up at 5am and start to yell. Not cry but just screaming for no particular reason. This carried on for 4 months, Every morning consistently. It was not your normal baby cooing, those soft noises baby’s make that bring smiles to parents. Eren was loooouuud.I don’t know if it’s just us or all babies do this?

Anyway at first it drove me crazy, I was already not sleeping and having to wake up at 5am to be present to have conversations in gibberish in the name of aiding cognitive development was not my cup of tea. At some point I introduced her to the cartoons on her sleeping net and i asked them to keep her company, while I dozed off.

Then I started playing lullabies and worship music with my phone that would distract her for some time and reduce the volume of her noise. I’d wake up an hour later to a sleeping Eren.

As I was digging around for solutions to the noise, Erens Godfather asked me to try making her listen to classical music.

Did you know that studies suggest classical music can improve your hearing, spatial reasoning(ability to visualise with the mind’s eye) and even General intelligence?

I stumbled on the Mozart Effect research on classical music for brain power and even with so much scrutiny around the results, I went ahead to try it. I thought of it as a suppliment to my efforts.

It did not work in the morning hours because it would be a competition between her yelling and Mozart. (Free migraine)

I made her listen to it during birth times. I did this for 3months.

When she was 6 months the girl just started protesting each time I played the music. and so we moved on from that expirement.

I don’t know if it worked. She is 1 year and 7 months now but She knows books are for reading because each time she gets a book she starts to sound the alphabet.

She loves to Dance.

One of her first words was “Thank you”. She says hello to everyone she meets. About a month or two ago she was repeating some of the work out drills I did to get back in shape when she was 7 months. She never forgets what she watches. She is a great observer.

Is it the Mozart Effect or normal child development? I have no idea. But if you’re new parents. It would not hurt to try it out even on older kids up to 6 years. Classical music may just give you a version of Einstein.😌

I am really killing this music reviews 🤣🤣🤣 visit my other participating partners Mwene’s Review of Nightingale and Roger’s Review on Labrinth’s~ no ordinary those are the actual reviews.

See you again tomorrow on another shot at reviewing Music.

Be kind, Be humble spread love.

9 thoughts on “Mozart & Raising Eren #August Rush

  1. Eren is so beautiful. 😍😍.
    I now want a #RaisingEren update every few months or year just to know what’s new with her. 😂

    I am not a mother but I’ve seen and heard of people use classical music to calm their children. That and white noise as well.
    I’d like to assume it has to do with the consistency of the noise. I don’t know. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have no idea what white noise means 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 but the things that calm children will shock you and each child is unique. And on updates on Eren I have a plan to start a category dedicated to her birthday every year.💃💃💃 thanks for the compliments and reading.


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