The Rose of Sharon & AM Worship #AugustRush

God Morning Thursday, God everyday.

I am excited, are you excited? Just to be alive on such a beautiful day.

3days to August. I see triumphant Days Ahead.

So today in my early morning quiet time with my Sweet Jesus, I was listening to;

I have never been so smitten.

Every conscious moment in the presence is fresh and rejuvenating.

I looked up who sang the original version of this hymn and didn’t find conclusive results. So many versions out there but as of today nothing beats the one by our very own(Ugandan) Rebecca S Kabuleeta.

You can find the song Here.

An interesting lyric I’ve heard Jesus be referred to is “The Rose of Sharon” I made lisaachi (Research).

The rose of Sharon ~ Hibiscus Syriacus. Syriacus because it was first found in gardens in Syria.

The Rose of Sharon can thrive even when Neglected but when it’s pruned it adds value to your landscape. (Source: Wikipedia)


So how does your Landscape look? Neglected or Pruned?

See you soon,

Be kind, be humble Spread love.

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