#04 Removal of the sin nature.

Hi August 💞

I feel like something good is about to happen for you reader and me. Align yourself 🤗

So last week we talked about Freedom in The God-life got me wondering if I am representing the kingdom as I should.

I said I will talk about the Transfiguration today to understand how we even get to experience this freedom that makes us without sin.

Transfiguration is the total removal of the sin nature.

It happened to Jesus on a high mountain in Matthew 17. His face shone like the sun and his clothes became as white as light

Jesus took on the foam that he would eventually get post-resurrection. He was on that cross without sin.

I wondered if that is possible for us and yes it is. For a moment I thought these things happen in heaven after you have died and no longer have the body that causes you to sin.

However the process of transformation can be experienced now. The more you practise his freedom knowing sin can’t hold you back the more you grow into the place of being transfigured here on earth.

Dying to offense daily is one way of growing into being transformed.

Choosing to forgive instead of carrying on hate.

Choosing to share the little instead of being selfish or being bothered about the motive of one who seeks help.

Choosing to be kind, to be humble to be love taking on the foam of the holy spirit with each test.

The Fruit of the Holy Spirit is not just an action but the motivation behind the action.

Why you do what you do. (Why you walked away instead of causing a scene)

This in the words of my father cannot be taught it can only be experienced by practise.

You can’t be taught to take off the sin nature you must go through the process and experience it for yourself. Study the scriptures, practise spiritual principles, meditate on his word, pray, fellowship……

Let us pray.

Father, we thank you for the gift of Jesus Christ who died on the cross and made this relationship possible. We can now come before you wholy and holy.

I pray for strength to walk out this process,

Thank you for the good things you’ve been and are still doing in our lives.

We love you.


Until next week Monday

Be kind, Be humble spread love.

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