In loving memory.

We’ve always had this argument on how to pronounce the name Phoebe

Her grand kids say Fibi her kids say Foybe

Oh My sweet granny
Hers was the best Atap,Posho and boo I  ever had.
She always had nuts to munch on in a corner somewhere.
Her smile was ever so beautifully gracious.

She gave me my mama.
We all are because she was.

When I saw the call that day,
I knew
But I hoped…
Then he asked me where I was
That’s usually a sign
But I still hoped.
When he asked me where mama was,
That confirmed it
But I still hoped.

No one is ever prepared enough,

I laughed
Then I couldn’t feel my legs
Then I was sweating all over
The news of death is crippling.

Now am writing
Like I always do.

Life is but a fleeting moment.

You lived,
You loved.
If kindness was a person, it was/is you.

And now you dwell with the Angels in the heavenlies.

It was an honour knowing you
Rest well Granny
Rest in Glory.

Today Toto was laid to rest.

Good bye ToTo Apollo Phoebe Norah Iteba.

Till we meet again.

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