Following the Madman ~A book review

If you look beyond the surface, there is a very thin line between fact and fiction.
In following the Madman,  I have beheld conflict, love, lust, obsession, fear, compassion, power, hunger et al and all are facets of humanity.

Each story felt surreal until it wasn’t.
And it got better as I moved forward.

Short stories, flash fiction and Poems

The author’s choice of words will make your imagination go wild and leave your emotions unbalanced. I’m hanging on cliff right now. (I think some of the stories need a sequel)

I especially love the vivid description of things. The way he describes a woman’s features is so smooth am still recovering from a particular line in love triangle one of the 19 stories.

Hi you, good morning,” she would greet me confidently with a
smile so radiant and warm that the sun would have to take notes"

He gets away with describing an alien covert mission using steamy lingo in Phagocyte (very clean orgasm)

A dead man told his tale in LAST DOG, a definitive street dog memoir.  Magujja was her name. Yes, it was a female.

The author referenced the ongoing kidnappings of the opposition leaders in Uganda in

RURAL GENIE a story about a Ugandan ghostbuster.
This story almost took the trophy until I read the next one;

BEDROCK a political magical drama.
And then

LOVE TRIANGLE came up and got me in my feelings it was the devils cocktail with a doze of steamy moments. There is a guy with a secret laboratory like Dexter but he operates on animals for pleasure until he castrates the alpha male in the love triangle.

I  am still struggling to pick a favourite because I love them all.

I love that the there is an invisible string that joins all the stories. it’s like a mirror of life in Uganda. From the life threatening boda boda experiences in Hajji Mumbere to the political crisis (I don’t know if that’s the correct way to say we’ve had one President forever and the opposition is paying with blood for being the opposition) and its effects on the standard of living for the common man and more.

But I guess,

Following the madman takes the lead.  Because the Madman reminds me of God. And I love God.
The story is in three parts showing up at the beginning, middle and end of the book.

I believe  following the madman is  an allegory of the path of life leading to purpose/God.
After reading I have started to visualize Purpose as in the words of the author a unkempt dirty hairy oldman that doesn’t look desirable but you follow the madman/purpose anyway?
For some following the call will get you referred to as a Madman.  Who quits a medical career to become an artist? A mad person!

The Character of the Madman striked me as a person of God. The holy spirit to be precise because the more the follower followed him the more he became more like the mad man. And that’s exactly what happens when you follow God.

King Solomon after attaining all sorts and foams of pleasure and riches says;

Meaningless! Meaningless!
Utterly meaningless
Everything is meaningless.

That’s the vibe the Madman exudes.
The Madman looks offensive because he has realised how meaningless life is that he chooses to do what makes him happy regardless of what others think.
And I believe that is what draws the follower to follow.

The follower  notices the mad man when he begins to ask himself the Why question.
Put into context it’s that point when we begin to ask ourselves why are we here? Why do we exist?

The Madman is mad but he Is full of wisdom and he answers the why question for the follower in an interesting dialogue in part 3 of the story

Among many wise words He says;

Life is not
without suffering, even in comfort.

Life’s instruction is to know the limits, in this case the deceptive
comfort and the discernible chaos, accept them and live close to
them without necessarily living in them. Live moderate, acknowledge
and appreciate suffering, but even living in moderation should be in
moderation, like another madman once put it.

Take a deep breath.

Deep!  right?

I could  keep going but I dont want to spoil.

Do I recommend the book?
Yes I do

Go get yourself a copy on

Meet the Author

Mukama Kevin Rushokye is an artist and a self published Author. He writes scripts and blogs with a specialty in humour.

You can find his writing on

Tell me what you think of this review, do you agree that to pursue purpose is almost like following a madman? And are you getting yourself a copy. It’s just about 5 dollars.

Until next time

Be kind, Be humble, spread love.

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