On Self Awareness with A guest.

Hello There, (Podcast Alert)

What you know about yourself, what others know about you and being in tune with your feelings emotions and actions are very important to navigate living wholesomely.

My guest Anita Kamba takes us through her experiences of self-awareness, spiritual awareness and forgiveness. The convesartion gets better with time.

To listen in follow the links ;

Spotify: Here

Anchor Fm: Here

Google Podcasts: Here

Anita Kamba is a 28 year-old Ugandan. Content creator for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube on topics of Lifestyle, Emotional wellness, Spiritual wellness, Creative storytelling and building healthy relationships. Professionally qualified Civil Engineer in Project Management, Contract Management, Material Testing for Road Construction and Road Asset Management. Serves at her local church as worship leader Experience Content creator ~ 2 years Civil Engineer ~ 5 years.

You can Find Anita on

Facebook: AnitaKamba
Twitter: @anita_kamba
YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCh9Ke5nYeT3NbgRvXdplNtw

Books to read on self awarenesss: The Alchemist ~Paulo Coelho.

The Five love languages~ By Gary Chapman.

The art of talking to self ~By Veronika Tugaleva.

The 7habits of highly effective people ~By Stephen Covey)

Until Next time

Be kind, Be humble, Spread love.

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