On Christmas & The Pandemic

What a time to be alive. 😁

The past two years have been for lack of a better word a Pandemic. Some, if not all of us have lost someone dear to the blight that has been wrecking the planet.

So many lessons learned but above all we now know how precious and short life is. And so it’s very important to be in purpose.

If you were here yesterday you would know we went back in time and brought back childhood Christmas memories. You can find the stories here >>(I caught the festive bug)

Louisa in the comment section on DAY 1 of this 12 day journey asked if I could share the effects of covid on me and my family and I thought I would extend the question to more friends. So today I will be featuring different voices on Christmas and the pandemic.

Can you believe it’s a few days to Christmas and I can’t say I feel any of the Christmas cheer. I know that the older people get, the less they care for the holidays but now it seems more like the whole Christmas spirit is just fast eroding especially between COVID, Omicron, lockdown and an economic meltdown. The last time I was in the city of Harare they hadn’t done the Christmas Lights Lighting Ceremony let alone put up the Christmas light in the CBD streets.

Uncle B

Beaton in Zim writes about his Christmas and covid experience in a blog post Of Coffee with E-thingies. I like how he moved from ranting about E-passports in Zim to his plan to lockdown the neighbours chicken in his fridge.

Next up is my beautiful friend all the way from Nigeria. She couldn’t care less about the pandemic. A wife and a mother of two and has never lost her christmas spirit.

Tori Teller. 20 fine Mama

Pandemic or not, I’m gonna enjoy this Christmas cos I’m spending it with family💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

Tori Teller

Christmas after we grow up and loose the vibe becomes more about spending time with Family (& FOOD).

After a long ass year we all just want to whine down and spend the festives with our loved ones.

Well for me just looking forward to catching up with family. It feels like the same all over again after a long while of being apart

Timothy Akolamazima

We all can’t deny how much covid has affected the economy

People lost jobs, businesses have closed down and transport has become expensive. In Uganda there has always been a lot of travelling during the festive season because most families are settled out of town. But now with the costs up it’s almost impossible for people to go home. Next up is Kevin who can’t travel to be with her family for Christmas

Ffe everyone is remaining wherever they are.

We can nolonger go to the village because it will be very costly for all of us to go. Our villages are very far, in the far north so transport fares are insane.

And we are scattered…eeeh! 😔

Akwero Kevin

Then there is the fear of catching the disease. Some people are still traumatised and would rather be alone than go be with family. And what is Christmas without family.😩😩

This is what my anonymous friend had to say

Its just weird when you know someone who has travelled from another country and you dread meeting them because they might have brought in  the virus ~ Anonymous 

And then there is you🙃. What is your experience with the effects of covid on the festivities. What would you be doing now that you are not able to do because of the pandemic. Tell us in the comment section.

And that’s about it from me and my few contributors for today.

See you again tomorrow on another exciting thingy. This time it’s not about Christmas. It’s about business and I have a guest. A full Author 😁. I am excited

Be kind, be humble, spread love.💕

14 thoughts on “On Christmas & The Pandemic

  1. Aaaah, traveling, traveling, traveling!
    Not being able to travel as freely as I used to is killing me slowly. Traveling overtime has become a need for me because it’s more of therapy. If I don’t travel, I feel like a part of me is missing.
    Sometimes I badly need it but there are so many restrictions like no night buses and the social distancing thingie in buses has made the fares insanely high.
    It’s the one thing I wanted to hold onto despite the way things changed since the pandemic set in…. But alas!

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    1. Ikr. I miss the Kampala nightlife. But don’t you worry Uganda is opening up in January. It’s sad that things may never go back to how they used to be. But who knows maybe it gets better.💝


  2. First of, thank you so much for taking in my suggestion… yay… I have issues with telling my extended family not to visit this festive season to see my little one cause of the rona. And it all sounds wrong cause this is the time for family to get together and celebrate, especially having a new addition to the family. No lie, I have never been the festive type, but this year, I feel a weird way of sad

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    1. I know that sad. I don’t know if it comes with being a new mom. But I was sad around the festives and there was no rona that time. (Dec 2019) Anyway I drawned myself in books , prayed a lot and for some reason started a natural hair routine I was committed to for a while(then I got bored). Maybe it’s FOMO I don’t know. Just find something that brings you joy and find time every day to do it. It’s helps. I hope for any reason you find joy this festive season.

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