My baby & the febrile seizure story.

She was moody all day. I figured the flu was coming because the mood swings are a sign she is coming down with something. Eren is an active child and never goes down with out putting up a good fight, It’s very easy to miss the indications of illness.

In the evening around 7pm she gets clingy.(that’s another sign something is wrong) I check her temperature and it’s a little high but not enough to worry me. She also wasn’t eating enough all day and refused to touch her dinner. At 8pm she says she wants to go to bed, another odd request at that time. She says goodnight to everyone and we go to bed. She sleeps off almost immediately and I start writing my DAY 2 blog post. An hour later she opens her eyes and is staring into space. Her temperature was overly high and my mind froze.

I start to call out,

“Eren my love are you okay, should I carry you my baby”

Then I reached out for her and that’s when the seizure began.

I yelled for my mum who was on the phone with a friend.

At this point Eren was staring into space, jerking her arms and legs, her body was stiff and she was drooling. That stopped after a minute and she lost consciousness but her eyes were still open.

My mum kept telling her friend the baby is dying and I kept asking my mum,

“what do I do?”

We opened fire (speaking in tongues) then the friend suggested we put the baby upside down so she can regain consciousness. We did that and she came to after a couple of seconds.

I was numb of emotion. My mum was freaking out and so I had to be the adult.

We got warm water and a cloth to cool her off. Thank God I also had a rectal paracetamol. A friend of mine told me to always have one just in case the babies temperature goes up during the night.

That controlled the situation for a while. At this point I could not feel my legs, my hands were shaking.

After a whole struggle and the fact that It was also late, everyone I knew with a car was sleeping. I was crying now. We made it to the hospital still.

They checked her temperature and it was at 40°.

And that’s the time the nurse chose sarcasm. I tried to explain to her what had happened. I did not know that we are not supposed to cover up a child who’s temperature is over the roof.

Apparently they are supposed to be left exposed. Now instead of doing her job, with a smirk on her face she asked

“since your the expert what should I do next”

I looked at her in disbelief and told her as calmly as I could,

“if I knew exactly what I was doing I would not have brought her here. So will you please do your Job”

She was clearly mad that i covered up the baby. On the other hand my mind told me if I covered her up she would sweat and the temperature would go down. I didn’t know better and she was judging me for that.

Long story short. Tests were done and it was just a bacterial infection. It’s been 3 days and she is back to her normal active self.

To wrap this up i did a little research and confirmed with a doctor friend. I am not a medical personnel and so you may want to check with your doctor as well. But I got some notes for how to handle a seizure with toddlers as first aid.


Often for any seizure, not specific to febrile seizure put a Spoon in mouth if possible so they don’t bite the tongue or lip and bleed. (We are changing this to the don’t section A medical personnel was kind enough to correct us in the comment section)

Roll them to the side so they can breathe.

For the most part, ensure they’re not in a place where the seizure could harm them. so try to move them from any sharp objects or items with out holding them to tight. 

Tepid sponge the baby, give antipyretics (something that reduces fever).

Stay with child the whole time. Do not leave them alone at any point.

Wait it out, and get to a hospital as soon as possible once it subsides.


Do not use cold water to cool the temperature as you may send the baby into shock.

Do not hold the baby down or restrain movement.

Do not offer the baby anything to eat or drink until the baby is fully alert.

And that’s about it for today. Thanks to Dr.Elise who helped clarify this information.

It’s Day 4 of my 12-day blogging challenge. Like the Christmas blogs this was not in plan. I had no idea Eren was going to get a seizure on my 1st day of starting this. But regardless we move. The drafts will come out one day.😊.The business blog was supposed to be done by my author guest who also got an emergency(Covid things).

I am hoping this thing with Eren is the last unplanned bad event of the year. I see better days ahead.

I am up for a good surprise though 😁 (like who wants to do a guest blog for tomorrow)

Okay Bye.

Be kind, Be humble, spread love.

20 thoughts on “My baby & the febrile seizure story.

      1. Oh Lord, am glad that that power house is okay.

        That must have been scary but you handled the situation quite well. She’s lucky to have you because you will fight for her no matter what.

        As for the nurse, you did well. I would have flipped, cheeiiii.

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  1. Oh dear I remember a similar experience with my little brother over 20something years and it was the most scary thing I experienced. Parents were not home so it was frenzy.

    You did the best you for the not covering up…trust me I still forget after all this time. A child is sick you cover that’s what we know.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Glad Eren is much better
    To a glorious christmas.

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  2. Oh dear! Thank God she is ok.

    Motherhood is an office where you are handed your appointment letter before the job begins so you learn on the job and you never stop learning.

    Hugs and kisses to Eren

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh dear! How I hate children falling it!
    Glad my baby girl is better now.
    Please keep an eye on her as often as possible.
    Motherhood is not an easy job but God’s grace will help us deliver always!
    Kisses to my baby girl!😘😘😘

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  4. I loved the article, febrile seizures can be scary for a parent who is witnessing it for the first time. I wish as health workers we could do better to address parental anxiety.
    Putting a spoon in the mouth is not a “do”, it’s a major “don’t”. People having seizures can clench their jaws tightly and imagine that with a spoon in your mouth, serious injury can occur. It can even be a choking hazard.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Reminds me of when Evan decided to burp after I had put him down and the milk was coming out of his nose… I had already burped him but didn’t know there was some leftover to come out. I froze and my mum was the saving grace I needed in the moment

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