Stock Taking 2021 Part 1

Hello beautiful people.

It’s just a few days to end the year. And I figured it’s a good time to reflect and evaluate. Justine has been doing stock takes every month and I picked the whole tree.However I am doing this all week because it’s next to impossible to put one whole year in one blog. It will turn into a novel. I can over share 🙈.

On Purpose

This year has been more like a pace setter for what is yet to come in my life. The year before I spent a lot of time inquiring from God and my mentors about my potential. I also read a lot of books in that regard. 2021 is the year I got the revelation of and settled into my purpose and calling.I have been making steps towards being what God intended for me to become. It hasn’t been easy. I have cried some and laughed some. It took a lot of Grace and intentionality to get to this point. But I have overcome and I am looking forward to much more.

It’s safe to say I have made my mark in some spaces, others have left a mark on me. My mantra in this regard has been to honour my craft. Honouring by taking risks, practising, prioritizing and learning from the ones ahead of me. One of my mentors says money answers to craft. The goal has been to Master my craft. The process has been gruesome but I must say I have seen the benefits.

In this day and age it’s very possible to be just about anything. I had a whole list of things I wanted to pursue this year and I was going at all of it pretty hard at the start of the year. But I found myself battling stress and fatigue and that put me in a place of stagnation.Alot of time was lost when I was hit with depression.

I am grateful I did not stay in that pit too long. God has a way of reminding me about what matters. The reason I was doing everything was because I was scared about the Future. Trying to make ends meet especially for Eren. I had forgotten God is Supreme and has got that covered. All I had to do was get back inline with his masterplan Without double dealing ( that means stating within your calling and purpose).

I have been in a better space mentally since I toned it down. I have put my trust in God’s plan and in mastery of my craft.

I am still in process and looking forward to the rewards of this.


Of course God comes number 1 on my list of who and what to love on. He is the anchor of everything I am and love I give. I spent a lot of time getting to know him even more and will probably keep doing that. He is infinite.

I have also been falling in love with this whole motherhood thing. It’s one of the things that has pushed me to be a better person. Given the circumstances surrounding my being a mom, it has been tough going at it single. But I can’t help falling in Love with Eren. She gives the most amazing hugs and kisses and I am not a hugger. She is loud and too active for me to keep up but I guess I can take it. I still can not be around kids. They drive me crazy. But I love mine close and the other little kids from a distance. (This is me telling everyone I am not the baby sitter you can trust. The kids will be bored. I have no idea how to entertain them)
I guess that’s about it with intentional loving. I have been negligent on myself,friends and family.Hopefully next year I am more available especially for myself.


I finally ate Sushi

I was not on any special diet this year. Doubt I will ever be on one. I watch my weight by working out.
I will not bore you with the usual things like rice and rice and rice. I’ve eaten a lot of rice this year.
However I finally got to taste sushi (it’s overrated) and I got allergies. Thank God I wasn’t too excited, I ate a little and the reaction was manageable. I was breathing normal before I went to bed. The wounds in my mouth were gone the next day. I guess sea foods are not for me. (Is sushi a sea food?)
Eren was eating gorrillos every single day. I was strict on that no soda no junk things for the first year. I gave up when the girl was not eating much. Now we eat chips almost everyday. The soda is still monitored. It’s just every once in a while. Thank God she loves Juice.

I used to love ice cream alooot. I should rekindle that fire again.


Alot of wine. At one point I thought I was becoming an alcoholic. Mostly because of my reasons for drinking.(too much stress) The night I finished a wine bottle alone without getting high and thoughts of wanting something stronger were coming in, I toned down the drinking. I stopped showing up. Now its just occasional. I don’t want to say I promised myself to never drink.(i did and I still drink) I am trying the seek God and everything else that is not profitable shall fall away.
But the best drink I’ve tasted this year was some cocktail at a cocktail party I attended. I have forgotten it’s name. But it had coco in it. Okay enough alcohol talk.
I love water too. I was on an every 2 hour water drinking thing. But then I got covid 3 weeks into my water thing. And water started to taste like medicine. I’ve not done that again. But when I was,my lips were fuller.
I also drunk celery juice for a while in the year and my skin was glowing.

Drinking Water and Celery Juice are what I am taking with me in to the next year.


So my greatest book reading achievement this year was reading the entire Bible cover to cover. The experience sticks with me everyday and I plan to do many more rounds. I did a review find it Here.

After the Bible. Francine Rivers Redeeming love topped the chats. It was on my list all year and I finally got to it in November. I have not recovered will never recover. Now I am binge reading Francine Rivers (I have a list of all her books and plan to read all of them through next year). I recently concluded Masterpiece which was a masterpiece on capturing the Grace of God. Francine Rivers is now my No1 favourite Author. I desire to show Christ in my work like she does. Very phenomenal. A prolific writer she is.

I will list the rest in no Particular order.

1.When Breathe Becomes Air ~ Paul Kalanithi. I cried reading this one it’s the most heart breaking and warming thing I’ve read this year

2.The war of Art ~ Steven Pressfield (Every creative should read this one).

3.The Gifts of Imperfection ~ Brene Brown (this one will release your from people pleasing).

4.Following the Madman ~ Kevin M Rushokye a Ugandan author. ( I did a review on this one find it Here),

5.Courage Under Fire~ Prisca Amogin. Ugandan author and phenomenal story on leadership.

6.Ego is the Enemy ~Ryan Holiday.

7.I believe in Miracles ~ Kathryn Kulhman,

8.Becoming ~Michelle Obama,.

9.Dreams From my father ~ Barrack Obama (I am yet to finish this one),

10.You Got anything stronger~ Gabrielle Union.

11.I know why Caged Birds Sing ~ Maya Angelou (yet to finish this one)

12.Die Empty ~ Todd Henry

13.The power of a praying Parent ~ Stormie Omartin

14.Dune ~ Frank Herber ( I will catch up with the other series once I am done with Francine Rivers)

15.prisoner ~ Annika Martin,

16.Trust in me ~ Skye Warren

17.The masters mistress ~ Martimer, Carole,

18.His Mistress with Two secrets ~ Dani Collins.

19. Different Abled children ~ Lutgard Musiime also a Uganda Author. I did review for this as well. Find it Here.

20. Stay with me ~ Ayobami Adebayo

I think that is about it for 2021 reads.

I’ve a read a gazillion blogs but the two that stood out for me this year were Letters from this heart. I remember spending the entire night binge reading Akaa and Alima. As you read that blog you should ask know the author is a full time Medical Personnel and is also married. I keep wondering where she gets the time to craft her work. She is truly gifted.

I saved the Best for last. That is the Tim Mjete Blog. The spirit of God lives on that website. I can’t say much. Just Go see for yourself.

I am hoping to be more intentional with my reading schedule. This year I have been an emotional reader. Of I read 6 books in a week and read again after 3 months. There is a month I did 10 books in 2 weeks. Life was not moving so I hid in books. Anyway next year the goal is 5 books every month. My reading List for January is ready. It’s includes one book by an African Author every month.

I will stop here for today.

Question: what has been your highlight this year in regards to pursuing Purpose? Leave your comment down below I will be following closely.

We continue again tomorrow. It’s Day 8 of 12 and we doing good so far.

I love you.

Be kind, be humble, spread love.💞

Photo credit: Pexels

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