Stock taking 2021 part 2 (what I have been feeding my mind)

Shalom 😊

This is a continuation from yesterday’s Stock taking 2021 Part 1


1.The Rabbi Daniel Malinga Podcast.

This has been the highlight of the year. Every update tickles my spirit. If you know me, you know I am a sucker for spiritual depth. I believe life is spiritual. And I found myself a good teacher. The higher version of you Episode 6 of season 1 is by far my favourite. It opened my eyes to how Dominion works.

You can now download the App via the links below:_

This Man Of God has an anointing to open up Purpose calling and destiny. He has played a pivotal role in my journey of living purposefully for Christ.

If you wanna chill with big boys join this Table. Download the App.😊

2. Dear Future Wifey Podcast

I finally found some creative relationship content based on Christian values. Contrary to what we see and hear about love. True love does exist and can only be sustained under a threefold cord. Christ being Number 1. The podcast has amazing stories on forgiveness, transformation, moving on from toxicity, enjoying being single, getting over a traumatic pasts and much more. Find it Here.

3.Over 25

This one is a Kenyan youtube Channel. Those Girls cracked my ribs. It’s everything in a woman’s mind after 25 career, relationship, love, sex you name it. I love how authentic and real they are. Find it Here.

4. Old Church Basement.

This is the Marverick city Album that was released this year I think. The presence that this music carries is mindblowing. They have been my worship anchor this year. My top 3 off of the album are; Refiner, Promises and I thank God.

5. Easy on Me ~ Adele

I reasonated with song on a whole other level. It topped the charts for me. Adele is a goddess.

6. Trust ~ NF

Who knew my heart would beat for hip hop. Lord this song is fire. I just downloaded almost all of his music and next year if you find me with a bandana on my head. Just know I have been converted 🤣🤣🤣🤣( I hope a bandana is still the trademark for hip-hop lovers) The beats and vibe and lyrics are killer.

7. Elevation Worship ~ won’t stop dancing

This song I discovered this year. And I dance to it on those random nights when I am feeling lonely. Nothing like being embraced by the spirit on a feeling lonely day. (Somebody’s son should come find me already 😭😭😭)

8. Joy overflow

I saved the best for last. I listen to this song every morning because I am being intentional about wearing the garment of Joy regardless of the situation. And I think it’s working. If you find me on the streets one day, tell me what you see.😊 (I am the friend that will laugh when bad news comes)

NF is fire. I am officially converted guys. I am wearing that bandana.



I have followed Rabbi Daniel Malinga, Prophet Elvis Mbonye Apostle Anthony Wonder Muhumuz,Peter Muhire and Prophet Kayondo Ezekiel. This year I was intentional about who I listen to. A lot of confusion can build up when you have your ears in many places especially if it’s spiritual content. I have come to realise there is different Doctrines going around. And the times are critical. These men of God are my Fathers.

Rabbi Daniel, Prophet Elvis, Apostle Anthony and Prophet Kayondo in that order. (Only Peter missing on this grid)

Creative Models

William P Young author of The Shack and Francine Rivers author of Redeeming Love are who I look up to. I have not yet discovered anyone that does fiction and carries the spirit of God like these writers. As for William P. young when I read the book I thought it was non- fiction the whole time because it was that real.


This may sound unreal but it’s been the Holy Spirit the entire year. 😊 And I am content. He has used different avenues to speak to me this year mostly books. The Gifts of imperfection and The war of Art. The books that have made me this year.


I will just mention what stuck with me.

1.Modern love

This got me high on the Angels cocktail. (A mixture of all the happy hormones). Each episode had a different story all showing the dynamics of love in this generation. I especially loved the last episode on old love. Story line was;

“Old love is different in our 70’s and 90’s we had been through ups and downs to know who we were and we had learned to compromise. The finish line was drawing closer”

I related with this so much and I am just 27. I feel I have been through these ups and down and I finally know what I want.

2 Greys Anatomy.

I am doing the 3rd Re-run On season 5 now. And as always I am awestruck with each episode. I still cry with each emotional scene. Shonda Rhimes out did herself with this one. I am never getting tired.

3.The After series.

Wow the intensity of that love very toxic and yet intoxicating if that makes any sense. I need to read the books. (After I have finished reading Francine Rivers)

4.Crazy Rich Asains.

I finally got to it. I am not about to get over that wedding scene. And the song melted my heart. “Can’t help falling in love with you” old time favourite.

5. Until Forever.

I found this one randomly on youtube and had a perfect excuse to cry. I’ve not cried that hard all year after this cry in particular on women’s day. This thing of killing the protagonist still gets to me. Anyway if you want to cry away this year’s crap also find it Here. 😊 thank me later.

And that’s all I have on content I consumed. I spend a lot of time on the RDM podcast. That’s why I have a small list.

It’s Day 9 0f 12. See you again tomorrow on another episode of the stock takes.

Question: What have you fed your mind with this year, podcast, movie, song. What tops your list. Tell us down below in the comments.

Hugs and Kisses.

Be kind, Be humble, Spread love.💞

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