If the world was ending…🤞

Cheers to crossing over into the new year. 2022 has come with Glory, I pray you behold it.

What you behold you become.😏

While I was wondering what I want my first blog of 2022 to be, I thought to myself the world could literally come to an end just like that. It’s been falling apart for 2 years, I almost lost my own life last year. (I wrote about that in a blog post On legacy and Death.)

And now as I write I am reminded of King Solomon’s words in Ecclesiastes.

Everything is meaningless! What do people gain from all their labours at which they toil under the sun?

King Solomon Ecc 1:3

First of all, technically the world can not just end, of earthquakes of volcanic eruptions of everything becoming obsolete.

Humans on the other hand I am not sure, we are spirit, body and soul. only thing that is certain is spirits live forever because spirits can not die. But the earth will remain forever.(argue with the Bible).

Where am I going with this? I have no idea 😬

If the world was ending…

That’s how I want to live every day. With the knowledge that life on earth could end any moment.

With that thought at the back of my mind, I have and still are learning to prioritise what matters. Doing the staff that is a little less meaningless like choosing peace over chaos. Enjoying relationships as they come and go. Giving without expectations. Living in the moment.

If the world was ending…

To be able to imagine the future and appreciate every step I take towards getting there. Even if that step was in the wrong direction or led me right into a ditch, which is painful but a step forward down is a step. Key word FORWARD.

Worst case scenario is staying down too long because I probably shattered a bone or two going down the ditch. Some falls are harder than most. Let us be gracious to ourselves during those days.

Also Pausing doesn’t mean a step back. It’s just means Pause.

I realised over thinking about mistakes and weaknesses makes me think I’ve not made any progress. I start to count them as steps back and then I linger in that moment for months even. Forgetting every other win I made. I know better now.

For me, it’s simply;

Pause, Reflect, Proceed.

No more wallowing in my long list of mistakes and weaknesses.

Let’s be able to dream big, and enjoy the journey towards manifesting those dreams. Keeping in mind the magic is in the path not at the end of the road.

If the world was ending;

The Rapture talk is at the peak now. Do I believe in it?


I remember the topic would put me on edge because just like any one else, I felt there is so much more I would like to experience and do before I am taken away.

And then nothing beat the fear of being left behind. Questions of am I righteous enough would linger in my mind, of what if he came and I was in a bar getting high? Or busy binge-watching Greys Anatomy.

But then again in this getting and wanting everything is meaningless…

Existing is a whole assignment that never ends.🤔


The thought that is at the back of my mind, next to if the world was ending is

Am I rapture ready”

Last year I purposed to gain knowledge and understanding of this thing that is to come. The Bible says;

My children perish for lack of knowledge.

Keep in mind knowing God and the Knowledge of God are two different things.

Ignorance is not an excuse with God.The word says he has made known to us all mysteries and that means we know all things. The task is to seek it out.

And so in my seeking I have found that my part to play in this end times is to be in his will for me, by living out my purpose and calling. And to Pray for discernment that I may not get mixed up in false doctrine.

Someone may wonder;

What if it doesn’t happen?

Oh well, at least I was ready and not freaking out each time I hear an end time message. Plus there is nothing to loose and more to gain.

So if the world was ending….

Yes I still make a list of things I want to achieve.

I don’t allow it to dictate my joy. Because that is constant,a side effect of the Grace life.

It’s for me to plan but the Spirit of God dictates my steps. Have a strategy at all times.

Another power of having death and the rapture in mind, is that risk becomes a doable thing.

Your mind is set to make that step regardless of the circumstances.

Everything is possible.

So the mantra this year is:

Visualise you highest self and start showing up us that everyday.

And so if the world was ending, everything is meaningless and I am a joyous person.

I have God I am Good.😏

So if the world was ending………………………….

Tell me what comes to your mind in the comment section. Let’s start this year from End.🤠🥳

To a prosperous year from my heart to yours. Let us go and dominate like their is no tomorrow.

Be kind, Be humble, Spread love.

Photo credit: pexels

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8 thoughts on “If the world was ending…🤞

  1. “Where am I going with this? I have no idea” Haha I was wondering myself but in the end, you managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat. I like the message…and being in a new year, I think we should all have that mindset.
    If the world were ending…I would like it to end with me feeling empty. I would like to say what Paul said, “I have run my race!”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. To live out the best version of myself, and as you said, Visualise my highest self and show that up to the world everyday! And of course, seek God’s will and purpose for my life and fulfill that everyday… Contribute to making life More meaningful with my talents, time and resources… Do that everyday like today was the last day!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Apt message for a new year post.
    You never disappoint.
    If the world was ending, I would love to spend eternity with the Holy Trinity and my loved ones.

    Liked by 1 person

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