A love That is. Part 2 Of Visions & Dreams

A love that is. Part 1 Of Encounters

A continuation

I see visions.

I dream dreams.

We are a match made in heaven,

I hold my breathe in awe each time I see him.

He is a fine work of Art,


In the visions,

We are dancing.

I am enticed by his burly physique.

Our bodies are drifting gracefully to the sound of a gentle allure of hush.

His presence feels like a fine Sunday morning breakfast in bed.

He pauses for a bit,

we are standing toe to toe.

My neck tilts upward to meet his eyes.

like a dove, they sparkle with gaiety

His eyes carry a gleam of charm

An earthly scent reels around us.

We are suddenly under a bright spot light.

And he smiles.

I am reminded of the beauty of the milky way.

He leans into me

and whispers;

Stop standing in line because you are all mine”

His voice triggers wobbles through to my soul.

My toes curl in reverence.


I am awake now,

Staring at the wall.

My entire being awaits in eager expectation for the manifestation of the son of God.


Let me know how you feel in the comments.

Do dreams come true?

Remember to visualise your higher self and show up as that every day...😉

Be kind, be humble, spread love

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