My name is Tikia Aludria Joella

I am a single mom,very passionate about Jesus and I love to read and write.
When I realised The power of story telling and embraced my own story I have never felt so complete and in control of my Destiny.

Am on a roll.

As I write I keep finding out things about myself Through my own and external experiences.

We can call this bits and pieces of my memoir.

Tikia with grace handles everyday life matters with kindness, humility and love. She believes when we understand Grace, more things find us than we can ever find on our own.

Monday’s are 4 devotions. (Christian) Other days are for whatever comes in the moment. Parenting, mental health, single mum tales, business, love and more and more as we go.

Alot about me is in the words I write. I wear my emotions on my sleeves, and am an oversharer.

I do hope the stories change your perspective, because that’s the goal.